Erotic scenes in modern video games are by no means a rarity. This element is now trying to include almost any self-respecting developer. However, in most cases it turns out extremely disgusting and unnatural. But there are, of course, exceptions to the rules. Take at least a series of "The Witcher" and in particular the final trilogy of the "Witcher 3". And yet you can not even imagine how difficult it is to create a bed scene. Even for such venerable developers. Here you could, of course, include "jokes for 300" and on overexcitation, but the main problem, as it turned out from the interview of the portal Kotaku, is not covered in this. The thing is that video game technologies are still better suited for the characters in these games to fight, rather than make love.

Attention : further on the text there are video insets, not recommended to persons under 18 years of age . The article is purely informative in nature and is primarily aimed at understanding the difficulties encountered by video game developers in the creation of animations of such scenes. The following materials are in no way an attempt to spread pornography and other interesting things .

The topic of sex in high-budget gaming projects has gone a long and hard way. You can recall "Gothic", the notorious "Hot Coffee" fashion for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, "The Sims". Of the more recent: the scene from Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect series from BioWare, and, of course, the Witcher series of the Polish studio CD Projekt. The bed scenes in the last part of The Witcher 3 generally turned out to be very complex and multistage in terms of production. In them, the developers tried not only to convey realistic "ah-sighs". In many of these scenes, the elements of the main plot of the game are inscribed, an extraordinary work on the script, a colossal work of motion capture actors and voice acting. In general, all this was done so that people who became their witnesses said: "I believe."

"In general, the production process of such scenes is not much different from everything else that is created for the game. Nevertheless, the creation of sex scenes has its own difficulties, "commented Pavel Sverchinsky, director of cinematic scenes of CD Projekt.

It all starts with a script, says Sverchinsky. For "The Witcher 3" they wrote the necessary text and gave the team of quests designers that they could work out the necessary details, find out where this scene will occur and so on.

"At this stage, we all work together and try to visualize the situation in the frame visually: we try to come up with a story that will be told in it, find out why this scene will be important here, and not in another place, Says Sverchinsky.

Then the work is sent to the kinematics team, which combines the story with the animation. Then the sessions of capturing the movements of live actors begin. After that, programmers integrate the resulting material into the game engine, adjust and polish the animation, the effects, in general, indulge in gloss.

The main problem, the developer shares, lies in the not piquant details and conditions in which actors have to work. The most important problems are basically of a certain technical nature and begin to manifest themselves when two naked characters of the game begin to bask in each other. If in the frame of the characters are at a distance from the player's eyes, these flaws, as a rule, are invisible. The whole trouble is in the big plans. Characters of video games tend to constantly merge with each other. No, not in a fit of voluptuousness, but in a literal sense. Textures of one character are found on the textures of the other. It is unlikely that the scene with the main character's hand, not embracing the aspen waist of his virtual passion, but literally "sinking" in it, will be able to cause the effect that developers would like to convey to the player.

"This is one of the most difficult and at the same time tedious things when creating sex scenes. Typically, they have a lot of big plans, so you have to dodge both, and so, so that after the polishing the scene turned out really beautiful, and the animation in it is smooth. This requires a huge amount of patience and time, "continues Sverchinsky.

Some models of characters are not able to perform even the most simple sex poses without manifesting any particular bugs, complains Sverchinsky. Many models, for example, can not just raise their hands above their heads. In this case, their armpits openly look like a set of unfinished textures.

"We try to avoid using such positions. Even if in the future they allow us to create the most beautiful foreshortenings. "

This is the problem of many high-budget games, in which sex scenes are included. Even in Saints Row IV, in the game, it would seem, using the theme of sex wherever possible. Unlike the "Witcher", where the appearance of the main character of Geralt can not be changed globally, the character in Saints Row IV can be dazzled by absolutely anyone, such as you want. From here and sometimes very strange and unnecessarily useful comic situations are obtained.

"Medium-sized characters can embrace, caress and passionately attack other characters without much trouble, but when you create a character very large or very small in size and growth, that's where things get really bad," – Commented the scriptwriter Volition (dealing with the series Saints Row) Jeff Bevlaski.

"It's not perfect in any case, so we just decided to live with this fact. The humor in the scenes and the revealing of the characters, in our opinion, are more important than the realization that on the screen we have an ideal picture without any visual differences. "

The allocated time for development and available resources can also become a problem. Sverchinsky notes that the process of creating a single bed scene can take a very long time, which is more than enough for the development and drawing of kinematics for the three usual quests of the storyline. And this, in turn, can be superimposed by a pattern in the form of a pattern: several characters of The Witcher 3 have unique stories for each story associated with this scene, while less significant characters can be satisfied with only the ready-made template workings.

"Of course, when developing scenes involving the main characters in each individual case, you need your own unique approach. The relationship between these characters is deeper and more important for the main story, "explains Sverchinsky.

It may seem that here the developers actually could shalt and simply did not do additional work, but ignoring the "unique approach" discussed by Sverchinsky, coupled with the limited development time can have a much more negative impact on the overall concept of the game, If the developers will try to do everything in a hurry. As an example, he gives an amazing scene between Geralt and a girl named Sianna from the supplement "Blood and Wine" for "Witcher 3", where the couple is engaged in this, hovering in the literal sense in the clouds.

"We did not have the opportunity to capture movements in total weightlessness, so we recorded a game of actors in the pool. The water environment conveyed the general concept of the state of free movement of bodies to the animator, who, in turn, manually drew the entire scene for the game. Such a realistic animation is very, very difficult to create. "

For a studio to capture the movements of sex scenes, too, can be a huge headache, continues Sverchinsky, recalling the case when the developers decided to call a real couple to create one of the scenes for The Witcher 2. It seems that people initially agreed, but as soon as they came into the studio, they immediately declared that they "feel uncomfortable" and in general "do not want millions of people around the world to learn more about their intimate life." As a result, they were rejected. Fortunately, the developers did finish the scene, it became one of the best in this series of games, but such moments really do happen.

Erotic scenes in The Witcher 3 were also limited by external factors. Yes, there is sex in the game, but this game is not about sex. Consequently, the developers needed to create a game that would fit in the concept of "for adults, but not porn" right away for a lot of markets.

"Everything that would look like a vagina in the frame would automatically put an end to the possibility of selling the game," says Sverchinsky.

This ultimately influenced the way some finished scenes looked. For example, the moment with Geralt and Triss when they made love opposite the lamp of the lighthouse, their bodies blocking the light and thereby confusing the sea travelers who thought that someone was transmitting an encoded message. Something had to be cut out of this scene to fit into the border of the pass, so the final result, as Sverchinsky himself says, "lost all sense."

Why add sex to games? Of course, for fun! This is … well, sex! Since the middle of the 2000s, it has become a part of almost all really large and adult projects, from BioWare works to Metal Gear Solid 3, while trying to look like some very serious and important thing that a player, in order to contemplate, first need to deserve . As a rule, the action takes place either before the final or after the final battle. Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes it comes out as a joke. Sometimes he can reveal both weaknesses and strengths of people. That's why Sverchinsky believes that adding this element to the games costs absolutely all the invested efforts and problems that one has to face.

"I wanted to show that sex is not always connected with romantic feelings in the Witcher's world. He can become a vent for the person, a means of filling the inner void, which can torment him, and sometimes he even kills, "says Sverchinsky.

"People have sex, I have sex, so why should we ignore it in our games?"


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