Known since the time of the PlayStation 2 Yakuza series prequel successful debut in Russia, from which just best to start acquaintance with esteemed project from Sega. “Times” learned how to successfully combine a complex plot and a really bright and bloody fights, while remaining interesting game.

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The fact that the game was released in Japan in March 2015 and only later, in America and Europe for nearly two years, talking about how this project is focused on certain players. This fact, however, should not repel them.



At its core, the game wonderfully combines the open-world, complex plot with lots of dialogues and additional classes,

that can inspire, as they say, a good long time.

The game’s plot is based on confrontation of all the bad guys in Japan’s struggle for a piece of land in Tokyo. Behind him hunt as different Yakuza family, and the most severe real estate company.

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The main characters numbered parts – Kazuma Kiryu, Goro and Madzima – this time they have not, what they know fans of the series. They are trying to not only uncover the mystery that lies behind these coveted square meters, but also get out of the position in which the heroes were themselves.

Life for them is formed the most unpleasant way, and Kiryu and Madzima are in terrible conditions. One by completing the task, charged with murder and the other attempts to gain forgiveness money from the bosses, he dared to contradict, for which he was expelled from the clan.

To beat the crap

The main force of Yakuza – this combat system. It is so convenient and practical, that within half an hour of the game, you will enjoy the fights with enemies. The game is not afraid to chat during your walks to present you with all the new enemies:

street criminals, thieves or bouncers in which to work and wants his fighting skills.



At this time in the series to each of the characters represented several styles. Each of the characters have their sensei in martial arts, which is trying to unlock the potential heroes. With their help we will learn new styles.

Kiryu-san, rather classic fighter who knows how and where to strike. One of styles gives it the ability to easily grasp the subject and once they hit the enemy, the other – to carry out a rapid series of blows, preventing the enemy to conduct a counterexample.

Madzima-san is rather, a street fighter, he is peculiar enough to use dirty tricks like capturing behind to
smother the assailant. Another component of his style means

the ability to properly handle the opponents bat, swinging it with confidence.

In the game there is a kind of furious scale. At a time when it is filled with the third level, there is the opportunity to spend a special reception. Denying This causes a lot more damage to the enemy, and looks very spectacular.

The special techniques can be used and the means at hand. For example, a bike that you can beat the opponent on the head. Or take a box of nails and apply them not to destination, leaving the side face of the enemy and complete the finishing moves savory punched.

pumping system operates on financial investments. For every capacity you pay earned by the blood and sweat yen. They are paying you well for almost everything that you buy or make a city.

Remove fatigue

Given that this is a prequel, the game action takes place much earlier time – in December 1988. Kiryu-san is fighting for the right to prove his innocence in Kamurocho, the fictional district of Tokyo, which is taken as a basis Kabukicho. Madzima-san is trying to get out of their situation in Sotenbori, the fictional district of Osaka, the prototype of which is the Dotonbori.

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One has only to look at the photos of these places, to understand the game, they recreated carefully. And it’s not a faceless street with square buildings. The game has many different bars, shops and cafes, each of the institutions has different entertainment or possibilities.

Restore health can snack sushi or udon at the nearest shop.

Or after a hard job to go and pour Mount sake, and then revel in karaoke, heartily singing a couple of songs. And you can take a chance and put a lot of money on a bet in the billiard room that you will be able to throw a ball in the pocket. In general, the game gives you a chance to rest from the main missions, and great delay.



There are many additional jobs that are open until you walk through the streets of two bright Japanese cities.
The challenge may be to try to find out the password to be able to be purchased at one of the vendors.

When we get the magic word you want to say, the game asks ourselves to enter it on the virtual keyboard.

And yes, if it is out of my head, then there’s nothing to do – I had to remember it well.

Another example of an additional job is solving a crossword puzzle with a couple, betrothed to help make your favorite proposal, because he was embarrassed to say it out loud himself.

Simple, but no less interesting tasks are not repeated.

Conservation in the game operate under the old scheme – for that you need to go to the phone booth; autosave, in turn, are absent. But it is possible to keep the telephone of the items for safekeeping. Calm down, it’s the end of the ’80s, so that these booths on the streets more than enough, not have to walk.


If there is a better time to explore a series of Yakuza – it is now and it is with this game. Sega is considering whether to start producing these parts to the western market already full basis.



Yakuza 0 – it is an achievement of the Japanese art of the game. The project, skillfully combining cinematic videos and dialogues, juicy and easy combat system, a huge range of entertainment and additional missions. And all this – in a surprisingly detailed recreated areas of Tokyo and Osaka.

Just be sure to cook your fists, because these streets only understand the language of force.


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