Alternative Android Cyanogen Mod received $ 80 million for the development of

Cyanogen Mod called the biggest threat to Google Android mobile OS on the market: an alternative version of “robot”, which differs from the complete absence of basic services Google, is a cheaper version of the system with the same opportunities. The company managed to raise $ 80 million investment, which can help to break the hegemony of Google.

Cyanogen team that creates an alternative Android, received a huge jump in investment in the amount of $ 80 million. And this is without the Microsoft , which, according to appearing before the information can use this command to fight Google in its same field and to invest in Cyanogen. According to previous data, Microsoft alone can invest $ 70 million.

Developers believe that Android is really made of open-source-project. Yes, the source code of the operating system are open and everyone can download them, but devices that come to us on the shelves are mostly used version from Google, which just services “sewn” in the very bowels of the system. For this reason, Google Android, and can not be considered until the end of the open OS.

The Cyanogen Mod, in turn, no mention of Google as a class. All services are also replaced by those which are in the public domain.

Among the investors Cyanogen such well-known and serious companies like Twitter , Qualcomm’s, of Telefonica and the media empire of Rupert Murdoch . All joint efforts would not mind to topple Google from the position of a monopolist in the Android Market.

Currently there are about 50 million users of devices with Cyanogen Mod. The vast majority – are smartphones and tablets, whose users have set themselves the version of Android on their gadgets. Of course, this figure pales against the background of 1 billion devices in the system from Google (and it’s data for 2013), but in absolute terms it makes Cyanogen one of the most popular systems.

One of the key advantages to the Cyanogen Google Android smartphone manufacturers – no need to pay licensing fees. Now major manufacturers in order to be able to establish a “green robot” on their devices, have to pay a decent amount, and a mandatory install Google services.

Of course, no one is obliged to use exclusively in the performance of Android from Google, but buyers smartphone without the services of the search giant just do not understand, and because Cyanogen is necessary to reverse the thinking of the masses.

As a springboard to enter the global market Cyanogen smartphones can use China – a country where Google and so is now non grata. For this reason, all the smartphones on Android for the domestic market are the Chinese manufacturers on the basis of alternative versions of the system with a lot of built-in services from the Chinese developers. Applications Google is useless to look for them.

The fact that this approach is working outside of China, indicates the success of Xiaomi in India, where the company’s smart phones have become one of the most popular due to the ratio of “price / performance”. Xiaomi sets in their own version of the device system based on MIUI shell. This version of the system appeared the same as Cyanogen, a modification of the basic Android.

Later, however, it is based on MIUI and there was a giant Chinese Xiaomi, which is neither more nor less than is in the top five most successful smartphone manufacturers.

The fact that Chinese manufacturers are “kill” the current giants, such as the Samsung , recently announced the head of Cyanogen Kirt McMaster. According to him, Xiaomi, Micomax and other available smart phones and tablets will be able to easily work on exactly the same software as the flagship. According to McMaster projections, it will happen in three to five years and after this period, Samsung go with Nokia. Capturing market happens it is due to the price.

An example of such a “flagship killer” on the firmware McMaster appeared in the last year. Sensational smartphone OnePlus One comes to Western markets with preinstalled instead of the classic Cyanogen Android. Disclaimer Google licenses allow developers to create a smartphone that the price did not leave any chance to the flagship with top technical characteristics.

Of course, to sell the company’s smartphones could far less than the Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers of devices on Android, at least because of the smaller in the tens and hundreds of times marketing budgets. However, the fact is that manufacturers are unhappy with the hegemony of Google and Cyanogen may make an excellent alternative that has proven and continues to prove its viability. And the investment in this project is clearly pay off.


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