What are "Clouds of Siberia" and "Energy of the Future"?

The modern world is harder to imagine without cloud technologies. They are increasingly denser in our lives and extend to all spheres of human activity. The other day in Irkutsk, a serious step was taken in the development of this industry in Russia.

May 25 in Irkutsk, on the territory of the Technological Park of the IrNITU, the fourth "Energy of the Future" session took place, including representatives of the editorial board of Hi-News.ru. The session was held within the framework of the joint educational project of EN + Group and the corporate university "Eurosibenergo"

The date of the session was not chosen by chance. Its holding was timed to the opening of a data processing center in the territory of Novo-Irkutsk CHP. The new data center should be the first in a whole network of similar centers, which EN + develops on the territory of the Irkutsk region.

The session itself was held in the format of speeches by invited speakers. Businessmen, computer specialists, various experts and representatives of Huawei, with whom they are actively cooperating on the "Clouds of Siberia" project, told about the Internet of things, cloud technologies and computer threats in the modern world.

Ilya Kabanov, who is known as the editor-in-chief of the popular scientific almanac metkere.com, and the organizer of educational events for entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, bloggers and other target audiences, acted as the host session.

After greeting the participants and the general photo, the session itself commemorated. First, with a keynote address, the general director of VostSibUgol Eugene Masterak spoke about how cloud technologies come into the world of business. Despite the fact that the coal industry is very conservative, the speaker gave an example of how mining equipment is automated and how this minimizes losses and downtime. At the same time, as he noted, a significant leap occurred not for dozens of years, but literally in five years. In conclusion of his speech, Eugene Masterknack voiced not a new but correct idea. He said that if the manager does not know their IT specialists, they are good specialists, because they are like doctors, to whom you go only when something is bad. A decrease in the number of appeals to such specialists indicates an increase in the quality and reliability of cloud services.

Other interesting presentations include a brief excursion into the world of hackers by Anton Petrushkin, analyst of EN + Group and Alexei Minin, director of the Institute for Applied Data Analysis of Deloitte & Touche CIS, director of the Institute for Applied Data Analysis

Anton Petrushkin, including the developer of applications for oil trading, as a real expert in information technology, spoke about the threats of cloud technologies from the point of view of data security, but noted that protection technologies are also not standing still, which allows Minimize the risks of loss and interception of information. Also in the course of his speech he spoke in simple language about how data interception takes place when connected over a Wi-Fi network and how to protect from it.

Closer to the end of the session, Alexey Minin spoke about how the universal digitalization of business allows us to open new horizons and significantly improve the search for clients. It's not a secret for anyone that in business one of the most important resources is information. First of all, information about their customers, on which the main activity is focused. Including in the understanding of customers an important role is played by cloud technologies. Also, Alexey gave examples of companies that in due time neglected to study the market and the needs of their target audience. One such example was the company Kodak, which was one of the leaders among manufacturers of products for amateur photographers. But at one time its management did not take seriously the emerging technology of digital photography and did not significantly change the business model. What position is now occupied by the company Kodak – we all know.

In addition to the speeches of the invited speakers and the video address of the general director of Biolink Technologies, Evgeni Chereshnev, who is known for planting a biochip under his skin to study the issues of human privacy in the world of the Internet of things, the guests were given the floor to ask guests for various Themes, sometimes even personal ones. And after the session ended, the speakers selected the best questions and rewarded their authors with an excursion to the new data processing center. The invitations themselves were very creative, and those who remember what a 5.25-inch floppy disk is, it was appreciated. It was in the form of this information carrier that invitations were made.

Nevertheless, despite interesting digressions, the main theme of the session was still the development of cloud technologies in the Irkutsk region. In addition, at the end of the session, her guests could talk a little more with the speakers and ask them interesting questions. It should be noted that among those who wanted to ask questions were not only professional journalists and invited bloggers, but also students who, despite the height of credits and examinations, were many.

It's nice that such events are held for the younger generation. And no matter what is its purpose in the future. It can be various areas of business, science or production. And also it can be just consumer use of modern technologies, but it's hard to argue that the future is behind cloud technologies, instant access to information and the operational processing of this information.


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