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The current year has proved that in the mobile segment can still be breakthroughs and protracted play turn into worthy projects. Adventures of Nathan Drake, a trigger for feminists, the First World War and the enigmatic animals – “Times” recalls iconic games in 2016.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Naughty Dog definitively closed (at least for the near future) seeker adventure story of Nathan Drake. The debut studio project on the PlayStation 4 in many respects one of the first that can truly be called a new generation of game.

Moscow hosted the "Igromir"

“Igromir-2016»: assasiny, fighting game and return Lary Kroft

“Igromir 2016” found something to surprise its visitors. “Times” also visited the main gaming event in Russia and noted the main points. →



This time, the story was based not only on a treasure hunt, but also around the personal stories of Drake. The determination to close the book of adventure developers of ND bit crumpled, but still completed all the story threads that have been in the history of the character since the previous parts.

But the of Uncharted, it seems, just will not end – on the PlayStation Experience was already announced a new single story campaign, even without Drake.

Battlefield 1

In the stream of shooters about the current and future war to return as much as the front of the First World could seem strange. However, the players have to like how in the end the new

Battlefield able to convey the horror of war, and thus to keep the pleasure of victory over the enemy.

After a series of not very successful experiments care Battlefield 1 in the direction of the new setting is felt as justified. In addition, the game considerably tidied scene mode, not only the multiplayer, which also came to fame, though not without some errors.

Pokemon GO

Severe hysteria accompanied by several weeks Pokemon GO Mobile games popularity. The project stirred up so much space that even politicians have started talking about it, and public figures, up to US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton . Distinguished and Russian officials, who saw in Pokemon GO both good and bad.

The sudden success of the project has forced Nintendo to think about how to develop and market mobile. Super Mario Run, released in mid-December, is a prime example of this.

How to download Pokemon GO in Russia

Church and cemetery guard Pokemon

The hysteria around the new game with elements of augmented reality Pokemon GO is rapidly gaining momentum – players around the world massively scour the …  →



Blizzard in a special way to come, it would seem, is not the most unique multiplayer shooter genre, and the output will get one of the most interesting games in 2016. The project has long been in beta test and the release has already been a considerable number of fans.

Attention to Overwatch attracted and feminist scandal. Members (or wearer) felt that one of the characters – Tracer – doing “too sexy victorious movement” after the match. Developers posture changed, and Overwatch since its launch still continues to be one of the most popular multiplayer games of the year.

Another scandal around okoloseksualny Overwatch and Tracer has been connected with the ban on the yield of 10-th issue of the comic book on the game in Russia.

This decision was taken in the Blizzard of the action in the country of the law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors.

In one of the episodes of publication Tracer kissing a girl, which, presumably, is in a relationship.


Authors Limbo newly created quite simple, but incredibly full sense of the game. You do not need to follow the ups and downs of difficult events in the lives of the characters, to understand the story, but it is quite interesting and unusual to the final you really surprised and impressed.

Inside can be described as its predecessor: minimalism in everything but the content itself. The game does not give direct answers to some questions, but inspires you to understand her world and try to understand it better.


Successfully re-division of the cult game. New DOOM especially good because it is superb, everything is the same as in the original, it realized the possibility of non-stop hack, shoot, cut and yet somehow destroying vermin, attacking you.

2016 Review of Doom game

Good old ultranasilie

King of shooters is back, and his name – Doom: wind-shooting, the constant lack of ammunition and health, a lot of enemies, meat, cruelty, and …  →


DOOM knocks on the spot in all senses – this is one of the few games where you can think of, but perhaps not necessary.

Shooter at such speeds did not come out for a long time. And in many respects allegiance to tradition with the excellent implementation of new elements of the rebirth of the cult game turned out great. In this hell to cook nice, but the main thing – to not be a soup set.

Dark Souls 3

This series of games has taught all of us to enjoy suffering. In its special atmosphere and structure of the gameplay the game forced to act quite so quickly and thoughtlessly as we have spoiled the game in recent years.

Here it is impossible to escape from danger, just waited in another location, or permanently stored. For this gloom we all love this project. The third part of certain improvements have been made, as well as change some of the elements that players re-broke his head over how to defeat a particular enemy to stay alive.

The Witness

Authors hit Braid released a new puzzle game, and it is in the best traditions of Myst takes place on a desert island. The story itself largely supplied only through audio messages, notes, and other items. Nobody took off users and obligations under the decision of puzzles.

In such a simple, seemingly formula Thekla managed to create a game that impresses not only graphically, but gameplay. In The Witness has a chance to be recognized as one of the best games of the decade.

Stardew Valley

Impressive in its depth and elaboration, Stardew Valley created just one enthusiast – Eric Baron. Fans of the series Harvest Moon, a farmer’s life simulator, it definitely has absorbed all the best from those games and with its modifications created the project, which has become one of the best selling game on Steam in the first months of sales.

Обзор The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian: pat “the cat”!

The Last Guardian ( «The Last Guardian”) was a semi-mythical game, missing from the press conference Sony. Talking about it more and more steel …  →



The game is so impressed gamers that some of them after downloading a pirated version bought it on Steam.

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada was very pleased with the release of such a project, because, he said, the series Harvest Moon was not forgotten, but “the spirit of his game” is still alive.


The Campo Santo studio founded in 2013, works including employees of Telltale Games and Double Fine, who can be interesting and unusual storytelling in games.

Adventure forester Henry, watching the fire in the forest with its tower, were really special. In full of mysterious events Firewatch story turned out one of the outgoing year the most interesting projects, especially given the fact that he was the debut for a new studio.

The Last Guardian

The long-awaited long-term construction of the PlayStation team Fumito Ueda came out successful game with a truly unique atmosphere for the game. Probably, at the time the project could become a cult classic, but now, after all these years, he still looks innovative compared to other games that go out.

“The Last Guardian” – a game that has no statute of limitations, as well as the studio previous projects – Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.


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