Virtual assistant Cortana was smarter than Siri

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ZDNet portal published the results of research, whose goal was to find out which of the four virtual assistants is smarter. The experiment involved Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Alexa. During the experiment they were asked about five thousand questions. Difficult topics were not, they asked only what the user usually wants to know from the assistant. The erudition of computer assistants was evaluated according to a number of criteria, paying attention to how well they understand the questions themselves, whether they answer on their own or use links to outside resources.

Google Assistant answered 68% of the questions asked to him, but almost all of his answers were correct – the program was able to correctly answer 90 with a small percentage of questions. In second place, Cortana from Microsoft appeared to be cunning – its performance turned out to be slightly worse than the assistant from Google, but also impressed: she answered 56% of the questions, of which almost 82% of the answers were correct. Alexa on Amazon Echo was able to overcome only 20% of the questions, but almost 87% of her answers were correct. Assistant Siri from Apple, according to the table given by ZDnet, was able to recognize 21% of the questions asked to him, to which he replied with an accuracy of 62%.

Google Assistant again bypassed everyone. In March of this year, he already competed with Alexa and quickly won the competition, and now he has consolidated his success in competition with a large number of competitors. Nevertheless, it is worth acknowledging that Siri speaks fluently in Russian, which can not be said about "Kortane" – an assistant from Microsoft speaks several languages, but the Russian does not yet know. So, probably, the Russian Siri may turn out to be smarter than the "Kortans."

                  Virtual assistant Cortana was smarter than Siri










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