# Video | The Nintendo Switch console has experienced a drop from 300 meters

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Crash tests of gaming consoles and other electronic devices – it's commonplace. Drop from the height of consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – the idea is extremely doubtful. But in the case of portable consoles, such tests clearly demonstrate how closely the manufacturer is concerned with designing and assembling his product. Typically, devices drop meters from two or three, but enthusiasts from the portal UnlockRiver decided to put a kind of record and reset the Nintendo Switch from a height of as much as 300 meters.

Any portable console, be it even the most ergonomic and convenient, sooner or later slips out of the user's hands and flies to the floor. Of course, the height of such a fall is rarely more than a meter and a half, so testing handhelds is very modest. The organizers of the experiment with Nintendo Switch themselves did not really believe that the console would survive a fall from a height of 1,000 feet (about 305 meters). For lifting, a drone was used, which at a certain height released the Switch from the holder. The result of the fall you can see in the video below.

It should be noted that Nintendo reacted to the creation of their new portable console with all seriousness. After such a fall, it not only did not crumble into small pieces (only the left joikon suffered), but also continued to work properly, as if nothing had happened. Here you can only respectfully remove the hat in front of Japanese engineers.

                  # video | The Nintendo Switch console experienced a drop from 300 meters










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