Despite vigorous attempts of virtual reality (VR) to get to the mass market and become a part of everyday life, the 2016 can be called the year of augmented reality, which proved to be much clearer. Why in 2017, this trend will continue, because of what VR-helmets have not penetrated into every home .

The new, 2017 has just begun, but it is clear that the augmented reality (AR) will remain in the trend. At the last CES technology show 2017 in Las Vegas three manufacturers of automotive components presented their products equipped with AR.

Новинки от Samsung, LG, Razer на CES 2017

CES 2017: robot “VALL · I” and TV-poster

Xiaomi has done a TV thinner smartphone, the LG introduced a robot assistant in the image of “WALL · And” and Razer Laptop prototypes so . Their essence is to display warnings and weather directly on the windshield of the car. The developers believe that this technology will help enhance safety on the road.

In addition, following the same CES press it was reported that Apple is also considered in the AR potential and plans in 2017 to start production of their own points.

It also became known that one of the largest Chinese Internet companies Baidu opened its own laboratory for the development and the development of AR-technology.

In September 2016 Baidu announced it would invest $ 200 million on the development of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

In the field of augmented reality experts believe that the AR in the future can spur the development of online shopping using mobile applications. According Unbxd to develop software company statistics, users can make purchases on the Internet from your computer to 63% more than the smartphone.

Augmented Reality technology has all opportunities for implementation of physical presence in the on-line shopping, which could revolutionize the industry. For example, the buyer will be able to “try on” clothes for herself or to see how furniture would look in one place or another apartment.

Shane Scranton, co-founder IrisVR, which is developing a software-based virtual reality, predicted in 2017 the combination of AR / VR technology, which together form a so-called mixed reality.

«VR sooner or later will be integrated in AR-device. Augmented reality provides the intersection of the digital and real worlds, that opens up tremendous opportunities for gaming and the development of social networks “, – said Scranton.

The expert said that it was in the AR will become the locomotive of “immersion” technology, while actively interacting with virtual reality.

VR has not justified

Everything pointed to the fact that the right ball is a virtual reality in 2016. Conditions for this release provide helmets – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR, as well as Google’s Cardboard glasses and Samsung Gear VR, designed for use with mobile applications.

However, this segment of the market is still looking for a direct route to the heart of the ordinary consumer. The high price discourages even the most ardent lovers of new technologies.

What can you do with PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR: for those who are wearing a helmet

PlayStation VR appeared on store shelves in October this year, and gradually a flurry of interest in the product began to slowly subside. For example, Sony PlayStation VR costs about 30 thousand rubles, and the Oculus Rift -. And did all of 50 thousand rubles..

According to the statistical portal on market research Statista , only 43 million around the world took advantage of VR technology in 2016, representing only 0.5% of the world’s population.

In addition, the technology of virtual reality requires a lot of additional tools and a large amount of content to fully acquaint the user with the new VR world. Much easier to understand and use was augmented reality (augmented reality, or AR).

In contrast, VR, AR – the connection of the real world with the virtual, kind of a mixture of these images and imaginary objects.

Specially designed for AR technology Google Glass glasses that are far ahead of their time, but never became popular. Device Production had to be stopped shortly after the mass start.

After that was released several models of glasses of augmented reality, including Microsoft Hololens, – however, they, too, are not available to call: in Russia they hardly buy, and the average value of informal online stores is nearly 300 thousand rubles..

AR has long been used in marketing. That only is the advertising, in which a special display has been mounted in a glass bus stop. With the help of augmented reality display the creators were able to convince the passengers that what they see is actually going on, whether it’s tentacle monster breaks through the pavement, or a huge robot walking down the street.

Pocket trendsettery

Boom augmented reality for the inhabitants happened with the release of Pokemon Go game in which players are invited to wander through the streets and look for little monsters, “inscribed in reality” and displayed on the screen of your smartphone.

How to create viral applications on the example of «Pokemon GO»

The secretion of success pokemona

«Pokemon GO» less than a week penetrated literally everywhere. On the game say everything from ordinary fans of the old-good “Pokemon”. This game has broken records of popularity – just look at the statistics , which shows that a week after the release of the game in the United States the number of catchers Pokémon with Android surpassed the number of people who daily use Twitter.

Despite the fact that Pokemon Go officially did not come out on the territory of Russia, the app has become one of the most important events in the mobile gaming industry.

Another contribution to the popularization of augmented reality have so-called mask or a lens for Snapchat selfie in the social network, which appeared at the end of 2015. Some of them, such as a dog muzzle with its tongue hanging out, or large deer eyes, become known even to those who have no Snapchat, and who is just an active Internet user.

Such selfie with masks did and continue to do everything from ordinary citizens to the show-business stars .

It is possible the emergence of 3D-characters that will appear in the video with the user, the more the company has recently released its Spectacles glasses that allow you to record that gets to review the human eye.

Facebook began using technology MSQRD

Facebook said Halloween

Facebook has included support from MSQRD masks for online broadcasts. Due to such a step the social network was accused of copying Snapchat.

Snapchat guide recently placed position on the search for 3D-designer from which you want to create a model for moving videomasok. Apparently, the company intends to further develop the application of augmented reality.

Bet on the mainstream

It uses augmented reality technology and MSQRD application created by Belarusian designers, which in March 2016 purchased the company Facebook. User MSQRD proposed to use “living mask” for your photos and videos.

In a conversation with investors, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted that AR is still in its infancy, but the technology is already actively being tested in MSQRD.

Then Zuckerberg added that it is a mobile application for smart phones, rather than glasses and other Soup enrich augmented and virtual reality mainstream and implement them in everyday life.


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