Most people are extremely lazy creatures who can easily wrinkle their noses, looking at their weight in the mirror, rather than decide to go to the gym and try to shape themselves. Pharmaceutical corporations are well aware of this, therefore, it is not the first year that they have been working to create a drug that can replace exhausted workouts for lazy humanity. It is understandable: he drank the pill and, without any additional strain, pulled his stomach and sagging sides. Just a fairy tale! And this fairy tale, it seems, will sooner or later come true.

A group of scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California made a very important discovery in this direction. In the process of feeding laboratory mice with a special chemical compound, it turned out that rodents under the action of the drug are able to run 70% longer distance than without it. In fact, it is not yet a question of a tablet replacing the gym. But a way was found to significantly increase the physical endurance of the body. This research was continued by another team project, aimed at studying the processes occurring in the body during a long run.

Identifying a chemical compound that activates a gene responsible for resistance to excess weight and reacts to insulin produced by runners over long distances, scientists were able to use this knowledge to create a unique drug. The reprogramming metabolic processes of the body of the compound allowed mice, who previously could run for 160 minutes, to stay at a given rhythm for as long as 270 minutes. Growth of more than 100 minutes struck the scientists who have seen them. Man, so to increase the load during training, it would take more than one week of zealous pursuits. And the mice just took "medicine" and became professional runners.

Another important discovery of scientists was the fact that fat burning in the body under stress is not a consequence of the completion of endurance, but only a compensatory mechanism for preserving glucose, so important for the proper functioning of the brain. It is the economy of glucose that can dramatically increase endurance. Now researchers from the Salk Institute are working on creating another drug. This time, they plan to increase fat burning by activating the desired gene, while suppressing another gene responsible for burning carbohydrates for energy. Simply put, their future drug will allow the body to draw energy directly from fat deposits, without resorting to additional physical exertion. And this is much closer to the dream of mankind than some kind of "endurance enhancer".

Tablets, on which the research team works, in the future can help not only lazy people with extra pounds, but, for example, patients with type 2 diabetes, partially paralyzed patients whose muscles gradually atrophy, and many other people. But for the time being this is just a scientific project, which is still far from being realized.


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