«Pokemon GO» less than a week penetrated literally everywhere. On the game say everything from ordinary fans of the old-good Pokemon and ending with the president’s press secretary. “Times” decided to find out how these applications spread like a virus and there is a boom in popularity for a long time to stay afloat.

In Russia and CIS countries as the only known Pokémon characters of the animated series, which came out on the motive games «Pokemon Red» and «Pokemon Blue» for the console Game Boy. In Japan and the United States Pokemon became popular even before the release of the cartoon, as the Game Boy was there more and more widespread. New «Pokemon GO» is an adaptation of 1996 games of the year.

Generally speaking, the games Pokemon universe consisted of RPG, in which the protagonist was traveling and collecting things to take part in the fighting. «Pokemon GO» is exactly the same game canon, with the only exception that the player is the protagonist and travels to the real world.

The game is a welcome event for fans and covered specialized publications for several reasons. Firstly, the game has been promising since appealed to the memories of players and promised to give a new experience catching Pokémon. Second, Nintendo’s long-awaited release on mobile platforms, and the first swallow «Miitomo» had great popularity.

The game met the expectations of the fans, and they began to massively share your achievements in social networks, attracting more players to the camp collectors.

The very next day after the release, Nintendo shares rose 9%, and five days later the stock went up by 63.7% and still growing.

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Against the background of the fact that over the past few years, Nintendo shares fell only and did not make such leaps, the situation is not only interested in the game, but also the business edition. As a result, already sites such as Bloomberg and the New York the Times , began to publish articles with tips on how to play «Pokemon GO».

Due to the high popularity of the game every day creates more and more infopovody. One of the biggest curiosities is that Missouri criminals have begun to use the game for profit, and were able to make 11 armed robberies of teenagers from 16 to 18 years. The media also does not pass by and curious cases, like that of a man caught Pokémon wife during childbirth. With increasing media attention the game is constantly attracting new players, and it’s a given that it is not available everywhere.

A vicious circle: people fall into unusual situations during the game, write about it without exception, publications, thereby attracting new players, which leads to the emergence of new curiosities associated with the game, which then write the media.

In order to get into the top free App Store apps, the game took 4.5 hours, and cash application ranking it bypassed «Clash of Clans» and «Candy Crash». Now the game is ahead in popularity «Tinder» and overtakes on searches porn. «Pokemon GO» has been downloaded 7.5 million times in the Play Market, and is set to 5% of smartphones in the United States. However, about half of the users log in «Pokemon GO» every day.

An important factor, which is due to the popularity of «Pokemon GO», – communication with other players. Newly appeared Pokemon collectors gather in groups, and all go together in search of treasured animals. Thus, many people are often not the most sociable, find new friends and themed meetings. Simply put, the game pulled people out of the house. It is particularly noteworthy that the “pokestopy”, where you can top up the resources are local attractions, which is also useful for exploring the city.

These terms allow us to call «Pokemon GO» one of the most important events in the mobile gaming industry.

However, as the game mechanics, something revolutionary in the game. In this case, the love of the fans to the Pokémon superimposed on the long-known concept of the mobile game «Ingress» the same developer Niantic.

In the last game Nintendo had a leading role augmented reality and movement of players on the real map. By the way, the location of “pokestopov” coincides with portals in “the Ingress”, which means that developers are simply copied from the base interest already finished the game with a few changes.

Points are much lower than in the «Ingress», and new and have not been added. Due to the fact that the Niantic stopped at some point to make an application for the addition of new points on the map, in the sparsely populated areas of Pokemon collectors may not be treasured places.

Strong simplification of gameplay «Pokemon GO» compared with «Ingress» also had a positive impact on its virality. Start collecting Pokemon can absolutely anyone, without fear of the difficulties inherent in the «Ingress».

PR-director of branding agency Depot WPF Catherine Lavrov’s conversation with “Gazetoy.Ru” suggested that the game became wildly popular as the game process – “a continuous generator viral content” and at the same time makes the players off the couch and go for a walk.

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“Well, they do not share a screenshot of where your dog is barking at the Pokemon? These factors should be added the cult of Pokémon theme, the competitive element, an element of intrigue (the application is not already running in most countries, and avoid all the obstacles and set the same game – attractive Challenge) “, – the expert added.

For this “virus” should get together a number of factors, which can be pre-prepared soil, but most of the terms factor is still unpredictable. Predict what will become of viral and what is not, is incredibly difficult.

“Viral content is obtained when the right time in the right place is a strong story. What-what the average person will want to share, what will want to be involved. ”

Viral content is not the first year is one of the main trends in communications. “If earlier the company spent, for example, 20% of the budget or even less in the creation of content and 80% (or more) – its mediarazmeschenie, now comes the era when 100% effort – it is investing in the content itself,” – says Lavrov.

As for «Pokemon GO», it is difficult to predict how long the game will continue to grow in popularity. Given that it only plans to launch in Europe, Japan, Russia and other countries, new waves are expected. Analysts Bloomberg, in turn, believe that «Pokemon GO» will be the topic of discussion network for at least another four months.

However, the co-founder of Socialbakers Jan Rezab inclined to believe that the popularity of «Pokemon GO» will not last long. According to him, the game can not always be virus and to be on the lips of millions of people. Although it is certain that the release of «Pokemon GO» Nintendo will take over the minds of fans of new Pokémon and to earn more money by selling themed toys and accessories.


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