The robot-submarine Boeing Echo Voyager first entered the open sea

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Robotic technology penetrates more and more into our life and seeks to replace the "normal" technique. And if you do not surprise anybody with robots-cars and airplanes, then the deep-water submarine looks extremely curious. The more so because behind its creation stands the company Boeing, and the submarine belongs to the class of super-large deep-water vehicles.

The Boeing Echo Voyager submarine has a body length of 15 meters. And, as already mentioned, belongs to the class of super-large deep-sea vehicles (eXtra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle, XLUUV). During the test series, the submarine will make a series of shallow dives near the coast of southern California. During these experiments, communication systems, autonomous operation, energy subsystem and submarine engine will be tested.

It is interesting that Echo Voyager was developed as part of the XLUUV program commissioned by the US Navy. She is the world's first submarine-robot of this class and can be on a separate voyage for several months. Echo Voyager will be used for exploring the underwater world in automatic mode, but in the future it can be used for military purposes.

As for autonomy, it is provided by an intelligent computer control system and a hybrid power system. The latter can produce self-charging batteries. As one of the leaders of the XLUUV program, David Flowers, said,

"Unlike aircraft, satellites or ground facilities, which can be maintained even in an emergency situation, underwater means must be completely autonomous. The submarine should be able to independently assess the situation, take a decision and find the best way out of the emergency situation. "

                  Robot submarine Boeing Echo Voyager first entered the open sea










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