The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian ( «The Last Guardian”) was a semi-mythical game, missing from the press conference Sony. Talking about it more and more came to resemble a conversation about something already forgotten. Still, the project returned to the development and released for the PlayStation 4. «Times” met a new creation Fumito Ueda, whose expectations were not in vain.

The long-awaited keeper

It is said that the contribution of one person should not be assessed by considering the whole game, but in The Last Guardian is possible to make an exception.

Fumito Ueda, head of projects that came Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, really creates a truly unusual game that can safely be considered works of art.

The Last Guardian has come a long way to go before they reach the PlayStation 4.

Initially, the project was conceived as an exclusive for PS3. But a number of problems that have arisen in the course of development, has led to the fact that in 2011 decided to make a game for the new Sony console.

Ueda himself left the company and created genDESIGN studio. As a result, he and the rest of the staff have decided jointly with the PlayStation finish of that “The Last Guardian”, work on which began in 2007.

How broke loose

Not abducted, not incarcerated in prison without fear of the boy was not fed animal and helped him deal with the spears in the body and a chain around his neck. It all starts with the help of each other, and that’s how it is up to business, word-for-growl, and together we are looking for a way out of the place where caught.

Pat this “Fluffy” named Trico could and should be, in some ways it resembles your cat. Well, or a cat.

When the fantastic creature decided to jump into the water, and waves at the same time you just wash a few meters, it becomes clear: it’s more interesting story about the relationship between man and animal, what about the adventure.

The interaction of the unknown boy and beast formed the basis of the game: all the tests on the way overcome together. Only sometimes it is possible to move some obstacle in different ways.

The boy is able to climb in all sorts of holes, and are there levers or apply something Tights. In turn furry friend due to its size and strength help to get on the high ledges or jump across large abyss.

Gradually, the game complicates the route, making it all the more interesting and not so easy to solve, as in the beginning.

An important detail is the drive with which the tail Tights becomes a real weapon, emitting lightning, which can penetrate the walls and destroy obstacles.

Emotional attachment

The Last Guardian was created when indie games that have been working on our emotional state, not yet. With an abundance of shooters, RPG and adventure game “The Last Guardian” Ueda could largely be a game that would look particularly interesting, among others. The project came out this year, we got an emotional adventure for the player. It is the one that is sitting with a joystick in their hands.

It’s hard not to penetrate each of the characters – and the boy and the beast. It can not even be called a simple fun of the game or the characters.

Rather – an emotional attachment to the level of sympathy for the characters in literature or cinema.

I would also like to note how well the interactive project was able to transfer the interaction of two completely different creatures, looking for one thing – freedom.

To cope with the management of

With all the beauty of this world to admire them is not always easy. With control of the camera you are introduced almost from the very first frame, but she still makes time to time to sweat, because they do not always correctly responds to your movements Stick.

Perhaps affected by the fact that the game has been in development for almost 10 years: to improve something that already was not so easy,

since the foundation was actually created even during the PlayStation 3 release.

For the most part with the technical side of the transfer and further refinement of the game on the next generation console succeeded in virtually flawless. As for them, if you have a standard, the PS4 original, be prepared for what will be periodically minor technical problems. They are a little distract from the gameplay, but do not interfere with the game as a whole.

Sometimes you can get lost in this world and do not understand your further actions, but the announcer that accompanies the journey comments about what is happening, can also hint where to go or what to do.


Adventure unexpected and controversial duo, which play an important role emotions and relationships, than the plot – it is really a rare situation in a video game. After almost 10 years since the beginning of the development, it still causes worry and think – about friendship, life, and how many times during the troubles of help and support can save and make the world a better place.

The Last Guardian – really bright game, which is a reminder of what you need to strive for in this life.


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