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Previously reported that the new space ship Federation, the development of which leads RSC Energia with partners, will be released and fully prepared for flights as early as 2021. But, as it turned out, the deadlines for putting the ship into operation can be moved, – TASS informs referring to sources in the rocket and space industry.

Initially it was planned to make the first launch of the ship from the Vostochny cosmodrome with the help of the Angara launch vehicle, but now specialists suggested changing the launch vehicle to Phoenix, a medium-range missile with RD-170M engines, which is also under development.

The development of the project and the construction of the carrier will require a little more time, but will not lead to serious modifications of the ship. Experts explain that the test tests of the missile were originally scheduled for 2022, so now they are discussing the possibility to move the terms of the first flight of the Federation.

The Federation spacecraft is being developed to transport people and cargo to the Earth's orbit and to the Moon. In the mode of autonomous flight the ship can be up to 24 days, and in the space station mode it will be able to work the whole year. On board the ship will be able to carry up to four crew members.

                  The flight of the ship "Federation" is going to be postponed to 2022










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