The creator of Android patented glasses of augmented reality

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Andy Rubin, one of the creators of the Android operating system, left Google in late 2014 and founded his own company. Recently, he introduced his own smartphone under the Essential brand to the public, and now he has also filed a patent for a supplemented reality headset with the same name.

The glasses will have their own processor for processing and outputting information to the lenses in front of the user's eyes. The device is planned to be equipped with cameras for taking photos and video. It is assumed that the headset can be completed with different types of lenses.

There is no information as to whether Rubin is going to release augmented reality device. But, since he patented such a device, we can assume that the final decision on the start of production will depend on the success of his smartphone on the market.

The devices of augmented reality have not yet received wide circulation. The Google Glass project was rolled up, and the HoloLens headset from Microsoft, although sold, but is very expensive, so while it can afford not only the poorest software developers. There are a few more little-known projects, but all of them are currently under development.

                  Android Creator patented Augmented Reality Glasses










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