Ilya Davydov (Maddyson)

In social networks, there were reports calling to bring to justice and to make an apology video blogger, streamer and comedian Ilya Davydov, known under the nickname Maddyson. The reason for the scandal was the joke of the Koran, which Maddison told a standup back in 2012.

In social networks accounts for video blogger, streamer and comedian Ilya Davydov, known under the nickname Maddyson, there were reports of Muslims calling on him to commit violence because of the mockery of the Quran. It turned out that it was a joke, he said even in 2012 during one of his standup.

As the joke, once he went to the toilet to read the Koran, but it ended with toilet paper, which is why he had to use a sock.

After that he showed to the public the same sock and put it in the Quran. Later Elijah assured everyone that in fact he was in the hands of the Bible.

Despite the fact that the video is in the public domain in 2012, angry comments and threats appeared only at the end of January this year. Under Davydov posts in social networks began to publish calls for violence against the tape drive.


Report abusive joke Maddison has appeared on 18 January in the evening Telegram-channel “requires knowledge.”

The text of the publication stated that “it is a well-known blogger and youtube comedian, he’s from St. Petersburg or to Moscow, insulting the religion of Islam and the Koran … look like this diminishes infidel Muslims, offends the word of Allah.” This direct threats in the text there, but reference is made to instagram Elijah.

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In this incident spoke Bulac Chankalaev, who pointed himself assistant deputy of the State Duma. He has published a record in the group,

Maddison calling to find and make him make a public apology to all Muslims.

Currently, this post has been deleted.

February 3, 2017 videotape interested Chechnya prosecutor’s office. The department said that they found a video called “The joke about the Koran”, which “received massive spread and caused a public outcry.”

“According to psycholinguistic research, in this footage are actions and statements aimed at humiliation of the person and group of persons on the basis of attitude to religion, Islam and Christianity,” – said in a statement.

The prosecutor’s office has decided to refer the matter to resolve the issue

to initiate criminal proceedings against Ilya Davydov h. 1 tbsp. Russian 282 (actions aimed at humiliation of a person or group of persons on the grounds of religion, committed publicly).

In addition, a statement was prepared by the court for recognition of video extremist material.

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Currently, Ilya, as follows from its Twitter, deleted their accounts in Twitter , instagrame and “VKontakte” .

It is also noted that some of the videos from this joke from his standup been erased. For example, even the morning of January 20 available video was removed “due to allegations of copyright infringement received from Susie Bores” (a nickname and a girl Maddison -. “Times”).

Before you delete your account in instagrame, blogger published photos in it. In the picture there is a photo of the Bible, perhaps the one that took on the appearance, posing for the Koran.

“I read the Bible before going to bed and pray for the salvation of the souls of all those who wrote me a terrible threat instagrame. Yes, God will forgive you for your anger, brothers. And me, for what once was young and stupid. All adequate – peace and goodness “- wrote Ilya.

Not gone, but hid

For Elijah defended his colleague and comedian Yuri videobloger Khovanskii. In his Twitter account , he wrote that he was “ready to enter Maddison in his Muslim hunting time.”

“The basement without windows, protivoshturmovaya door in trauma (and my motor) and a bunch of pivasom. This I described his hut, not to think that I’m in the basement contain Ilyukha want. We make a living impregnable fort, as in “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, – wrote Khovanskii.

In November 2016 there was a similar incident with rapper Vyacheslav Karelin, also known as purulent, Glory to the CPSU and Sonia Marmeladov.

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In the incident of public participants’ Fortress Terrible “drew attention to the line in the old Batlle artist, in which he mentions, including Chechnya.

Karelin then also withdrew from social networks, and later released a video in which apologized for what was said.

Gaming journalist Viktor Zuev, who worked in Gmbox and conducted together with Ilya live broadcasts on the gaming portal, even January 25 commented “” situation. He said that last communicated with Maddison in mid-January and offered to help him, from which the blogger refused.

“Frankly, I myself spoke to him, I thought he would write to us on a site some denial or explanation, but he refused,” – said Zuev.

The journalist did not confirm the information that Maddison had left Russia, but added that he had heard such rumors.

“In my opinion, in Russia such situations are smoothed over time, new infopovody and replace the old ones. Ilya decided to calm down for a while, and that’s his business, “- said Zuev. He also expressed the hope that this scandal gradually come to naught.

“” could not be contacted by Ilya Davydov.


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