Unusual application for processing photographs from Russian developers Prisma in a matter of days, Instagram has become a hit. “Times” spoke with the creators of the service and found out what it differs from normal editors shots and how this helped the neural network.

Prisma application appeared in the App Store on June 11. Since its launch less than a week, and Instagram has been downloaded more than 180 thousand. Pictures with hashtag #prisma. service feature is that it, unlike many similar services, not only imposes different filters on an image and renders it virtually zero in the given style.

In the gallery, you can choose how komiksovoy “panache” and turn your picture into a kind of paintings by famous artists such as Wassily Kandinsky or Katsushika Hokusai. General Director Prisma Labs Alex Moiseenko told “Gazeta.ru”, how long it took for developers to create applications and what surprises are waiting for the future users.

– Tell a little about yourself, how many people in the team and who does what?

– We are now four: two developers, a designer, and myself. I do almost all at once, and watch for the strategy and development of the project. Disclose the composition does not yet want to be. I can say that in the past we were somehow involved in the “Yandex”.

– Can you tell us more about how the process takes place, it’s not just the imposition of the filter?

– Right. We do not just impose something on your photos, we completely redraw the image from scratch. On the basis of the style we identify its typical features, we look for your photos basic details and draw them with the extracted features of style. So we really re-create the image.

– How much time it took to create the algorithm and how it was possible to reach such a speed?

– The very idea we are working around the spring. But for writing applications took about two months of heavy work. The speed achieved by a plurality of mathematical tricks in a neural network model. I think it is more for the “uberprodvinutoy” audience.

Photos from Instagram users a_makhonina and polinaryjova

Photos from Instagram users a_makhonina and polinaryjova

– Annex only five days of release, and the social network is already full of photos with filters Prisma. You are engaged in the promotion of social networks or it happened by itself?

– We did not do anything! I was just sitting at work, and it all went very. But the results are sometimes really cool!

– How many users have already installed the app?

– In Russia a couple of days ago we learned about as we get closer to the level of several tens of thousands. The exact figure is hard to say, people are coming and coming.

– The application will be developed from the very beginning a lot of filters available, and how? For example, there is a filter the Marvel, and whether or not DC?

– The filters will be added almost every day. Perhaps in the future will be the best collection or filters, select a user.

Photos from Instagram users masskitty and kuposyatinka

Photos from Instagram users masskitty and kuposyatinka Also in the area of the filter will soon all have a pleasant surprise. We will become a bit wiser as a photo processor.

– More than half of styles in one way or another connected with the great works of art. Want a way to secretly form the user or the paintings of famous artists just easier to “feed” the neural network?

– As a child I often visited the Russian Museum and is still often look in the Gallery of Western Art Pushkin. And the idea of styling image itself is a well-known artists on the surface.

Of course, you can choose the comics, you name it, but the art is to live, even in the era of Instagram.

In the future, we plan, of course, lots of interesting styles, not just artists.

Photos from Instagram users marion_bucket and cherry.docs

Photos from Instagram users marion_bucket and cherry.docs

– As long as users try out the only App Store are new. When will the app for Android?

– The current plan is built based on the first half of July.

– Do you plan to introduce monetization?

– No, not no such plans.

– The recent history of the Belarusian MSQRD (Belarus development, redeemed by Facebook -. «Times”) showed that large companies interested in start-ups that are engaged in image processing. Do you see yourself in the future part of any company? For example, if tomorrow will offer to buy Prisma Labs, how events will unfold?

– Everything is possible, but I think that we should wait for this moment. Now we are focused on quality and performance.


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