How convenient and profitable to order food through the application

A whole range of different applications in the store offer services to deliver food directly to your apartment. The main advantage of these applications – a wide range of restaurants and cafes to choose from which can be the mood. But how convenient these or other services, finds “Times”.

According to the App Store and «Play Market” in this segment in Russia is leading service Delivery Club. Given that advertising of this application has been very ambitious, it is not surprising. But in this case, the application is completely justified popularity.

The application aggregates a lot of offers from more than 4 thousand. Restaurants and cafes all over Russia. On the first screen asks you to select interesting dishes. The following is a list of restaurants, and there are listed the minimum order amount, price and the average delivery time. No extra charge is not, and the price is fully consistent with that of places on the site. In addition to mobile applications in service operates a website where you can do all the same on the desktop.

As for the financial aspect, the lowest price for ordering and free shipping can be found in the area of ​​400-500 rubles. from little-known restaurants. The average price tag on the order varies 1 ths. Rub. The average delivery time for weeknight in Moscow – about half an hour.

In the application there is no advertising, and it is absolutely free. In addition, a system of accumulation of bonus points for bookings and special promotions. Subsequently, for the most points, you can order food from restaurants with a corresponding mark.

Several similar functionality has The service also collects offers from various delivery services. The system of accumulation of points, which can be paid for a meal, and various souvenirs.

The application also works ZakaZaka system reviews. If the customer leaves a negative comment, respond to service support him and promises to fix bugs. Each user can evaluate a restaurant on a scale, then all the estimates are summed and the restaurant gets an overall rating.

Among other things, through ZakaZaka you can order food from fast food restaurants. However, the user will not see McDonald’s and KFC, as in the application, they are referred to as “MakDak” and “Chicken of Kentucky.” The minimum price, the average price and the average delivery time is almost identical to the Delivery Club, but fast food can be ordered in any amount (no minimum limit), but the service will cost 500 rubles.

Unlike Delivery Club, the first ZakaZaka application screen displayed immediately all the restaurants that you want to filter. The rest of the services are very similar. Entitled establishments is about the minimum amount of the order, shipping and her time. However, at the base of ZakaZaka less than the Delivery Club.

The main feature of these services is that it is not necessary to make any unnecessary movements on the way to stave off hunger. Work on the transfer order required service performed by the service. Therefore, it remains only to choose a place to order and wait for confirmation.

Since the first two applications have occupied almost the entire market, and established a large number of users, many services simply do not develop. Thus, for example, it happened with the service Podnesi, a site that works, but the application itself does not give signs of life. It simply does not display the place where you can make an order, although they are on the site. The support service is recommended to use only the Web version.

However, such a scenario does not comprehend all. Appendix Obed! It deserves to be set for the reason that in its base there are services that can not be found in any other. A distinctive feature of the service is its focus on corporate delivery.

A separate item in the application made proposals for the delivery of food to the office, where several institutions listed from which the delivery of so-called business lunches.

Prices for standard delivery is also not surprising, and are held in the area of ​​price in Delivery Club and ZakaZaka.

Also worth mentioning services that deliver an order from a single chain restaurants, such as the “guest of honor”. Service has only eight restaurants in its database: «IL Patio”, “Planet Sushi”, “Planet – a world café», TGI Fridays ™, «American Bar and Grill”, “Mother Russia”, “gorgeous” and coffeehouses Costa Coffee. This bonus points accumulate not only in the food order through the app, but also after visiting the establishments from the list.

Some restaurants create separate applications for private delivery services, but applications aggregators have already done all the work for them, so that they will simply make room.


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