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According to BMC Cell Biology, a group of British scientists from Exeter University has discovered a new way of rejuvenating human cells. And the substance that makes the cells younger is resivaratrol. The main component of red wine, dark chocolate, grapes and blueberries.

During the experiment, experts under the guidance of Dr. Lorina Harris were able to force the cells to actively divide and elongate telomeres (end sections of chromosomes) with the help of resvaratrol. The fact is that the shortening of telomeres is the main sign of the aging of human cells. With each division the telomere is shortened, and when the shortening reaches the “point of no return”, the cell ceases to fulfill its function.

The above discovery of scientists is based on earlier research of scientists, during which it was possible to find out that there are a number of proteins called splicing factors. As they grow older, they “turn off”, because of which cells lose the ability to divide, which is also associated with the shortening of telomeres. As it was possible to find out, these genes can be “turned on” back. And for the inclusion just responds to resviaratrol.

“When we saw the changed cells, we were amazed. All the old cells became straight as young. This is the first step in trying to help older people live a normal full life. Our data show that the use of drugs and products with resivatrolol can restore the function of old cells. They can share and again fulfill their function. ”

                  Scientists were able to rejuvenate human cells with conventional products










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