Scientists from the UK told why the dinosaurs can not be brought back to life

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It's hard to find a person who did not hear about the series of films "Jurassic Park", launched in 1993 by Steven Spielberg. The theory of the return of dinosaurs through cloning, shown in the film, still looks quite realistic, and the successes in animal cloning only strengthened the belief that extinct lizards can walk again on our planet. But recently a group of paleontologists from Manchester University told why the Jurassic Park is not yet created in the real world.

Previously, it was assumed that for the "resurrection" of dinosaurs, those fragments of genetic material that survived over time will be sufficient. For example, a large-scale experiment was initiated with the resurrection of a tyrannosaurus using collagen isolated from the remains of an ancient lizard. As Dr. Mike Buckley of Manchester University stated,

"The discovery of proteins in the bones of dinosaurs caused a shock around the world: both among scientists and among the public. It seemed that fiction could become a reality through the use of new technologies. "

However, everything was not so rosy. A team of experts from Manchester analyzed the traces of collagen in the remains of the tyrannosaurus to find out whether this substance can really be used for cloning. In the course of the experiment it was found out that the isolated collagen corresponds to collagen of ostriches and to use this organic material it makes no sense. The absence in the bones of dinosaurs of the necessary biological molecules makes it impossible to "resurrect" the lizards with the help of modern methods. This requires a full genetic material, the chances of finding which, given the millions of years since the death of dinosaurs, are practically zero.

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