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In Europe, the thinking on the development of the bill, recognizing the special legal status of robots with artificial intelligence. Why Russia called the initiative “marasmus”, whether the robot can kill the driver and his passengers to expect if the machine uprising.

In January 2017 it became known that the deputies of the European Parliament plans to consider the bill on the legal status of “electronic entities” for robots.

This means that the bots are held responsible for their actions, he wrote of The The Independent .

The author of the initiative is to Mady Delvaux, representative of the Luxembourg socialists. She thinks that

in terms of technological progress the current legislation is not a “full” and the European Union is obliged to establish some basic ethical standards to avoid problems in the future.

The bill was approved by the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament and can be considered as early as February 2017.

Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy of Russia Alexei Pushkov in his Twitter called the initiative a “zone of insanity.” “The European Parliament attended the rights of robots as” electronic entities. ” And they will soon give more rights than people “- lamented the senator.

Fear of foreign occupation

The resolution states that the bots, and androids become more autonomous and therefore more difficult to be considered merely tools in the hands of the people. But in turn, created a need for new legal rules defining the status of the machine, which may be partly or wholly responsible for their actions.

The robot is the first time broke the first law of robotics

Rise of the Machines has begun

American researchers have created a robot that is able to deliberately cause harm to humans. Despite the harmless appearance of the car, she was”As a result, you need as soon as possible to resolve the question of whether robots get legal status”, – the document says.

The heyday of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) drew the attention of the inhabitants of the earth for a few important issues – unemployment, caused by the widespread introduction of robots, the problem of inequality and social welfare. The bill is intended to provide answers to these questions and provide a legal basis for at least the “most sophisticated autonomous robots.”

In addition, the resolution calls on the company to declare the money they saved on the absence of social security due to the replacement of human workers on the railways.

All “smart” robots that can operate independently, without coordination from above,You must be entered in a special register, and their owners, and manufacturers will be obliged to buy an insurance policy for them.

German industrial group to VDMA, which includes the largest manufacturers of robots in Europe, said it is too early to prepare such a legal framework, as it may interfere with the development of innovation. Patrick Schwarzkopf, Managing Director of robotics to VDMA, said at a recent exhibition in Munich that such initiatives can be entered in the next 50 years, but not before.

Supporters of the initiative Delvaux, on the contrary, believe that the development of legislation should not be delayed if the EU countries do not want to lag behind the rest of the world. “The United States, China, Korea and Japan have a very ambitious projects and plans in this regard. If we do not deal with that right now, our market will be occupied by foreign robots “- said Delvaux.

Moral dilemma

According to the resolution, in 2014 the sale of robots increased by 29%, while the annual number of filed patents in the field of robotics has tripled in the last ten years.

The study of AI and neural networks and their application possibilities become one of the trends of 2016. For the first time artificial intelligence managed to beat the man in a game of Chinese, Boston Dynamics presented a robot dog that can help with washing dishes, and German researchers announced the development of the nervous system, which will allow robots to feel pain.

Not far off is the widespread introduction of unmanned vehicles. And just then acutely raises the question of the potential legal liability of AI for the life of the passengers and other road users.

Is sex with robots will enter into everyday life

Roboseks in the big city

Researchers convene conferences on sex with robots, and developers create devices for remote kiss.

Experts predict a decrease in the level of traffic accidents by 90% in connection with the use of robots drivers. But these bright prospects is a big question because of the moral dilemmas in society.

There is a project of unmanned machines are programmed so that all costs to reduce the number of accident victims, even if for this need to deliberately kill the occupants of the vehicle.

The study showed that people recognize the correctness of such a decision, but at the same time of the experiment, participants say they are willing to buy only the car, which primarily protects those who are inside.

In addition, the use of robots as drivers requires the introduction of “moral algorithms” that are needed to make complex decisions on the road.

“Is it acceptable if the AI will avoid the collision with the motorcycle and crash into the wall, since the chances of survival are slim at the rider deliberately? Should artificial intelligence at the same time take into account the age of the participants and pedestrians in this area? “- Such questions asking researchers, recognizing that this technology still requires significant improvements.

The problem of ethics and morality appears in the use of robots for entertainment and pleasure, including the use of so-called sex-bots.

At the December conference in London Love and Sex with Robots this issue was raised in 2016: whether the right sex robot has to refuse to comply with any requirement of man? So far, the answer is obvious: because it has no legal status, it has the right to vote about the same extent as any home appliances.

But if Delvaux bill yet to be approved, a person will be obliged to ask the opinion of the robot before it use its services, or to give a job? While this is only to be seen.

Rise of the Machines Prospects

In the process of gaining all robots more autonomy is impossible not to think about such a common theme of science fiction, as a revolt of machines and the subsequent war against the people.

Another writer Isaac Asimov wrote that a robot may not injure a human being, but in 2016 an engineer Reuben Alexander created a “brutal” machine that can deliberately prick needle person. His invention Reuben explained the desire to show that humanity’s time to think about their own safety before Robotic world around them.

Microsoft creator Bill Gates, too skeptical and recognizes that predict the behavior of the bots reached superintelligence, is quite difficult.

As robots replace human in the workplace

Inject robots, not people

More and more jobs every year intercepting robots in humans. This process is gradual, but nevertheless noticeable.

Meanwhile, robots – or rather “smart” algorithms that are part of everyday life and replace people in the workplace. In 2014, the Associated Press said that the AI will deal with writing short news, earnings reports from different companies to increase the efficiency of writing these notes.

“Yandex” has announced the creation of a special news, in which the materials are written not by journalists, but by special boats. In China, a restaurant, where all services are provided using androids.

Robots are widely used in the field of space, which perform the dirty work: for example, they know how to drill holes and drill to tighten the screws.

But the excitement in the community causing bots that can be used in the defense sector, the so-called killer robots. Similar developments have been called “Automatic lethal weapons” (eng. Lethal autonomous weapons, or LAWS).

This definition covers military robots started to attack objects and combatants without any involvement of the human operator.

The campaign against the use of robot-killers was launched in 2013 and aims to draw the attention of the United Nations on this issue. According to activists, with the help of modern technology and flourishing government drones countries can use to neutralize LAWS, both military and civilians, which is absolutely unacceptable and inhuman.


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