Researchers convene conferences on sex with robots, and developers create devices for remote kiss. What kind of high-tech gadgets will soon appear on the market of toys “for adults”.

Sex robots and sex-bots are an integral part of science fiction. The idea of a robot as a sexual partner is actively promoted in modern films and television series – is enough to recall the painting “She” and “Out of the car,” and “The World of the Wild West.”

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But the future is much closer than it might seem at first glance. 19-20 December 2016 in London hosted the 2nd International Conference Love and Sex with Robots, which brought together experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

Organizers of the event say the increased interest in the relationship between man and robot, not only in the print media and documentaries, but also in the scientific community.

Simulator and stimulant

At the London conference, announced that the US company Abyss Creation will begin mass production of robots for sex, who will speak and move like real people.

In addition, they presented the latest developments in the field of high-tech sex toys, such as a device that allows you to kiss a partner, even if he is not there.

The gadget was named Senior Director, Kissinger (no relation to Henry Kissinger, a derivative of the word kiss and messenger). This is a device connected to the smartphone, is designed for those who spend a lot of time away from home, for example, often goes on business trips and can not spend much time with your loved one.

Kissinger allows you to experience the sensation of the kiss during a video chat thanks to the silicone nozzle equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor, which can simulate the movement of the lips.

But the creator of the device Jann Emma Zhang does not exclude the use of Kissinger in the relationship between man and robot. She believes that in the future mankind can have a close connection with the androids, and the opportunity to share a kiss is an important part of the relationship.

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In addition, the researcher collects data on blood pressure and heart rate change, to see how the simulated kiss similar to the present.

Kissinger in the near future has to pass the Turing test. For this experiment, the participants will try to distinguish human kiss kiss with the device.

A similar task will be to carry out the project by Japanese scientists called Teletongue , representing the two tech ‘lollipop’. The device is also designed to be fun sexual partner at a distance.

Two employees of the German University of Duisburg-Essen conducted a study, the results presented at the conference Love and Sex with Robots. Scientists wanted to find out what factors may coerce a person to buy a sex bot.

The experiment took place among 263 heterosexual men aged 18 to 67 years. Each of them demonstrated a two-minute video with different female androids, and then asked questions regarding their personal preferences and attractiveness factors.

As a result, 40.3% of respondents said they would have bought yourself a sex robot within the next five years.

Scientists admit that in the experiment were errors – in particular, did not specify the price of the android, and people who have agreed to an online survey, clearly more positive attitude to robots. In the future it is planned to conduct a similar study, but among women.

Moral panic

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Not surprisingly, the conference raised questions not only technology, but also ethics. Lynn Hall of the University of Sunderland said that robots can provide “a delightful sexual experience” thanks to many advantages of such a relationship – security, it is impossible to pick up an STD and the lack of need to control pregnancy.

However, it rejected the suggestion that roboseks could somehow threaten or replace human sex. “In society there is a kind of moral panic.

Like, this is disgusting, people really stop to make love with each other, – said Hall. – However, all regularly watch porn and have not yet abandoned the real sex. ”

Author of the book «Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships», according to AI expert, and former international chess master, 71-year-old David Levy said that as soon as the relationship with the androids will become ubiquitous, the next logical step It will be the marriage between man and robot.

“In the future they will be able to be patient, kind and caring,” – said the expert, noting that the necessary software for the “humanization” of robots can be developed in the next 10-20 years.

inhuman love

Other scientists are not so optimistic and so far considered only predictions Levi “very long term”. Emma Yann Zhang said that it will take a lot of time for people to come to terms with the new paradigm of relations and provided a robot as a lover.

On the one hand, sex-bots can bring real benefits to single people, those who have recently lost a loved one or have certain disabilities. In other words, those people who might become social outcasts, will find a partner and become ordinary members of society.

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On the other hand, Professor Kathleen Richardson, co-founder of “Campaign against sex-bots”, believes that sex dolls objectifies women. In addition, sex with robots facilitates realization of the “sick fantasies” perverts and rapists.

“People who can not go for a healthy contact with others in need of treatment, rather than dolls” – said Richardson.

In sex-bots have other unexpected drawbacks. Keith Devlin, a professor at the University of Goldsmiths, which hosted the conference, drew attention to a lawsuit by an American.

She sued the manufacturer of vibrators We-Vibe, which are controlled using a smartphone. As it turned out, the Canadian company to collect personal information about users of its devices, thereby violating the law on privacy.

Besides, sooner or later, it will be raised the topic of morality. Swiss professor Oliver Bendel asked those present at the event, an important question is whether the right to sex-bot has to refuse to comply with any requirement of man?

Earlier, the robots depicted in works of literature and cinema docile and accommodating, as a rule, do not have their own ambitions. However, in the aforementioned film “Out of the car,” and the TV series “Wild West” androids are getting out of control and rebellion in an attempt to gain freedom from harassment.


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