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Prankery Vova and Lexus, posing as Prime Minister of Ukraine, threatened to Senator McCain attacks on its server hacker strange and pretty meaningless. Young men also discussed the fate of the anti-Russian sanctions, and know that they are going to the US Congress to extend.

Known on the Internet as Vova and Lexus prankery published details of the drawing of Senator John McCain, which was announced yesterday. Record conversation, they sent in the wording of some Russian media.

Prankery rattled Senator McCain’s attacks and hackers strange and pretty meaningless Slavik

Prankery from Russia played the Senators McCain and Graham McConnell

Vladimir Kuznetsov, who was a Vovan, in a conversation with the TV channel RT told how he and his partner – Alexey “Lexus” Stolyarov – got in touch with the American politician.

According to Vova, they did not have any contact McCain but mobile. “We, of course, there was no contact McCain, in addition to mobile. So we just went to the Congress site, found his phone reception, phoned, they left their contact information “, – he said.

Introduced the young people, as in the case of the fake web conversation with Maxine Waters, Prime Minister of Ukraine.

“They gave us a e-mail, where we sent the request on behalf of Vladimir Groisman. We leave the topic of conversation and our contacts. They agreed to call our next day at 9 am and Washington, respectively, at 17.00 Moscow time, ”

– Vovan added.

Young people did not expect that the call will be organized so quickly. McCain, according to Vova, was pleased with the call, “the Ukrainian prime minister.”

“He said that now for him the most difficult time for all of his tenure in Congress, because Donald Trump, he said,” unpredictable, “and he can not say that the new president will do in relation to Russia. But said he would fight to keep the sanctions, some new promise against the oil and gas industry “, – said Vova.

Jokers are not left unattended another hot topic in the US – Russian hackers. Vova and Lexus, as reported RIA “Novosti” , informed McCain that

In the near future it will terrorize Russian cybercriminals strange and pretty meaningless and Slavik. They are clarified in a conversation with a politician, came under the December approval of Barack Obama.

At the end of 2016 the US Treasury included in the sanctions list of Alexei Belan and Evgeny Bogachev, positions which are not listed, but their names have been registered – strange and pretty meaningless and eraser. Washington suspects them of trying to influence the course of the election campaign.

Also, “Groisman,” warned US senators that “Vova prankery Lexus and want to attack your phone lines 24 hours a day.”

In response, McCain thanked his interlocutor for the warning and promised to be careful in their conversations.

Vova and Lexus reported McCain and that Russia is preparing on his “compromising”. Ostensibly senator running for the Russian secret services, who recruited him in Vietnam.

Russian played prankery McCain

McCain fell victim to Russian prankerov

Known for their political rallies prankery Vova and Lexus have reported that their new victims Republicans began.

“I will wait for it. Thank you, Prime Minister, I will wait for publication as my brain washed our North Vietnamese friends, “- McCain said.

Another statement on the eve of the victim became prankerov other senators – Lindsey Graham. With him in the guise of the same Groisman Vova and Lexus also discussed the problem of preservation of the anti-Russian sanctions.

In turn, he assured Americans that he is seeking the adoption of restrictions on Russia.

Not the first Prank

February 13 Vova and Lexus played a member of the US House of Representatives from California’s Maxine Waters. To call an American on the revelation in relation to Moscow, jokers informed about the introduction of Russian troops in Lviv and Donetsk. In addition, Lexus Vova and told how Russian hackers managed to interfere in the elections in Limpopo, to overthrow President Barmaley and put a “puppet of the Kremlin” and “usurper” Dr. Dolittle.

According to “the Ukrainian prime minister”, are behind these actions, “the special adviser to the Russian President Vladimir Putin Vova and Lexus.”

We mentioned young people and the power of propaganda RT. “You know what happened to our president? He was in his office and watched TV. And its channel itself changed to RT. And there was interviewed Putin. So I do not know how, but somehow they have access to TV channels, “- he complained” Groisman “in a conversation with Waters.


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