Today it is difficult to imagine that once the most popular game genre were quests and adventure games. Unhurried adventure games with a dashing twisted plot, well-written characters and a unique travel atmosphere, comparable, if you like, with watching a good movie. Now the genre is far from its former grandeur, and a new audience can not be forced to peer into a bunch of pixels from the last century. To correct this situation, reprints of old hits are called, one of which will be discussed today. This is one of the best adventure games of all time. Another such game was not before, nor, unfortunately, after. Get your iron horse – the king of the road is back!

For the development of the reissue is responsible studio Double Fine Productions, led by the "father" of many quest series by Tim Shafer. The studio under control has already pleased us with updated versions of Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle. In addition, the masters from Double Fine presented us with Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, The Cave, Broken Age and a number of other remarkable projects. But back to Full Throttle. I would like to start from the local world. This is really nothing like this: the first part of "Mad Max" (the one that appeared in 1979), retrofuturism, biker romance in the spirit of the movie "Harley Davidson and Marlborough Cowboy", huge corporations and the atmosphere of the road Adventure, what is commonly called a "road movie". Every detail here is so much in its place that you begin to believe in what is happening from the first seconds, and the narrative does not let go until the very end.

I just want to make a reservation: the story here is sweet and even a bit naive (which is not surprising, given the age of the game – then it was accepted). In local history, you can find only a couple, with stretch, unexpected twists, and pianos in the bushes, "cliffhangers" and other scenario revelations can not wait. What a villain, that's a hero. Forward! And, believe me, this is not bad at all. The plot is so nicely tailored that every turn, every action of the characters is justified. No one has problems with motivation, and our main character though looks awesome and brutal, in fact a living person with his ideals.

Now that we're talking about heroes, let me introduce you to Ben, the leader of the local biker gang Polecats (or "Ferrets"). Ben and his gang receive an order to escort Malcolm Corley, president of Corley Motors and concurrently the last motorcycle manufacturer in the country, which is sent to a meeting of shareholders through the dangerous territory of the local highway. Ben responds with a refusal, but Malcolm's assistant Adrian Ripburger (who, by the way, is voiced by Mark Hamill) makes a blow to the head with Ben "an offer that is difficult to refuse." This is the game's plot. Next, you will find a string of intrigues, betrayals, revelations and even a love line. Believe me, the plot of Full Throttle is much better to discover for yourself. Moreover, the game does not require much time for passing. This story leaves a very pleasant impression. For sure, each of you has a film that causes extremely warm feelings. So, imagine, as if you saw it for the first time. It's worth a lot!

Game mechanics is simple and logical as much as possible. Combine the door and lighter in order to fix the phone, you do not have to. All objects are applied according to the simplest human logic: to distract the evil dog – throw him a piece of meat. You need to pump out gasoline – take the canister and the hose. In the presence of savvy and attentiveness, the game can easily be passed not even for the evening, but for half a night. And these are not empty words: the fact is that I did not play the original because of age, so I reason from the point of view of the person who played the game for the first time. In addition to the usual quest mechanics with a combination of objects and communication with the NPC, you will have to ride a lot on the freeways, fight with enemies at full speed (the battles are reminiscent of the Road Rash series), participate in the most real derby and even perform tasks for the time. Among other things, the game perfectly spelled out the dialogues and just beautiful, sweet, and most importantly not at all vulgar humor.

But what's upset is moving the minor cons of the original into a re-release. For example, in the game there is a time when you need to drive out the enemies necessary components for further passage while driving on the highway. Enemies appear in a random order, and often wait for the right opponent to get a specific thing, you can very long, cutting circles on the location. Surely this point could be simplified in the re-release, but the developers went the other way.

Local drawing and animation is done in the spirit of the "old school" of Lucas Arts (from which the original was released) and the quests of Sierra On-Line. As with the previous reprints from Double Fine, Full Throttle: Remastered enables you to switch between modern graphics and the original at any time. Of course, the improved picture looks much more attractive. The absence of pixels the size of a fist and smooth lines give a feeling of viewing an animated movie. In addition, the modern display mode displays a picture with a 16: 9 aspect ratio versus 3: 4 in the original version. Nevertheless, the ennobling did not always go well for the game. In some places, too bright and bright picture hits the atmosphere very much. Although in general, redrawing does not raise questions and is almost inferior to the original.

Pay attention to the Harley-Davidson logo in the upper right corner. In the updated version it is not

The voice of all the characters without exception is simply gorgeous. The voices are chosen perfectly and completely correspond to the character of the characters. Funny moment: when you switch to "antiquity mode", the voice changes too – instead of pure sound, you will hear a somewhat muffled and unprocessed signal, which is nice. At the same time Russian-speaking players are waited by an unpleasant surprise: the game is exclusively in English. And those who played in the 90's, probably remembered Full Throttle for high-quality localization, which, unfortunately, is not included in the package, which is extremely insulting.

And the music! Ah, this music! Very often reviewers like to say that music can be easily heard separately from the game. Here, we can say, a unique situation: the whole soundtrack to the game was recorded by the American rock band The Gone Jackals. Compositions from the resulting album became real hits, and such a collaboration in the 90s led to a significant increase in both the sales of the game and the popularity of the albums of the group itself. The tracks really deserve attention and will appeal to all lovers of quality music. Even if you are not going to play Full Throttle – listen to The Gone Jackals. An excellent musical collective.

There is in the game and a comment mode from the developers, which are extremely interesting to listen to. You can learn about the process of developing the game, about the difficulties with which artists and programmers encountered in the design of locations, exploring the world, and much, much more. For connoisseurs, and just for people interested in the industry, – a truly excellent addition!

But for what the game does not get to praise, it's for the long download of some menus. And to start the game itself and to download the save time is almost not required, but when you press the "Load" button in the main menu – you will start to feel like Zhdun. In order to get to the cells with the saved game, it is necessary to wait indecently for a long time. The same will happen if you want to save the game. Why it happens – I personally am strongly not clear, but, apparently, I did not face this problem alone.


  • Classics in the modern shell.
  • A beautiful story.
  • Logical riddles.
  • Magnificent voice acting and music.
  • The atmosphere of the game is unique. This was not before or after.
  • Colorful characters.
  • A variety of gameplay.


  • Many flaws of the original remained in place.
  • Indecently long loading of some menus.
  • Lack of localization and the "same" Russian voice-over.

To say the truth, Full Throttle: Remastered does not need evaluation. For me, everything said time. This is a classic that is played perfectly, regardless of whether 1995 is outside the window or 2017. But with all my love for this game, I can not put her the highest score, because the shortcomings can not be closed. The game receives from me 9 points out of 10 possible. But the important thing is that the evaluation does not matter. Emotions that you get from the game, are far beyond 10 of 10. It's somewhere 20 out of 10, and even 30. Live classics and the recommendation is in no way to miss this wonderful project. For all those who grew up in the 90's, the opportunity to relive a well-known adventure again, and for beginners to touch the beautiful. Rock'n'Roll alive!


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