Anyone who follows the news of the gaming industry or just enjoys technological innovations, for sure that the most powerful game console from Microsoft under the working title Project Scorpio is still shrouded in a halo of mystery. Despite the disclosure of certain technical characteristics, the appearance of the new console is still a mystery. But recently the Windows portal Central showed the world a short video demonstrating Dev Kit-version of the console, intended for developers.

First you need to explain what a Dev Kit is. Speaking of gaming consoles, the Dev Kit, or Development Kit, is a special version of the device that the company provides developers with to develop gaming applications. Dev Kit, as a rule, includes a package of specialized software to meet the basic needs of developers, as well as a special version of the console. Its main difference, in addition to its appearance, is that gaming applications can be tested by downloading them directly to the console's memory. Often, the Dev Kit does not contain copy protection, which allows you to easily debug and test game projects.

In terms of the console shown, there's some resemblance to the Xbox One S. On the front side there are 3 USB ports, a tray for Blu-ray discs, various switches, power-on and restart buttons, and a rather interesting small display . It displays technical information such as the number of frames per second, as well as graphs showing statistics of various performance indicators of the system.

Of course, it's unlikely that the Project Scorpio version for ordinary buyers will look the same, but the similarity in design with the Xbox One S gives the right to assume that the new console will also have similar features to its predecessor. In any case, it is unlikely that we will see the final version of the prefix (as we will know its real name) before the E3 exhibition, which will be held very soon – in mid-June this year. In the meantime, you can independently evaluate the appearance of the Dev Kit of the new Microsoft console by reading the video below.


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