In Barcelona opened the annual exhibition of mobile technologies MWC 2017. In the first few days of their new products introduced Nokia, LG and some other major industry players. His innovations show and Russian companies, including 20 residents of “Skolkovo”.

Passing at the moment in Barcelona the exhibition of mobile technologies Mobile World Congress by many as the most important event in the industry. The event, which is held in the capital of Catalonia is the eleventh year, attracts the attention of advanced technology lovers around the world. It is here driven by its flagship, and the main trends of the year large companies such as Samsung, Nokia and LG. Here are the most promising start-ups, read open lectures corporate executives.

At this year’s MWC is significantly represented and Russian technology. The exhibition has become a platform for the presentation of the residents of “Skolkovo”. Total Fund presented at the event 20 startups. Among them were those that meet the challenges of the telecom segment.

In particular, the company presented the Multi Digital Services platform, actually a crucial problem of roaming. The product allows virtual operators (MVNO) to provide its subscribers with communications and local rates in over a hundred countries around the world.

Launched commercial operation it is already coming spring – “CountryCom” European virtual operator. According to the founder of Multi Digital Services Oleg Pravdina, the proposed solution allows small operators to find their customers around the world and compete on a par with the major market players. Supports Pravdina and Head of “Telecommunications» IT-Cluster Foundation “Skolkovo” Dmitry Khodko. He believes that mobile phones have become a necessity for billions of people around the world and the problem of operators – to provide them with the highest quality service at affordable prices anywhere in the world.

Another participant, involved in telecoms, was the company “Radio Gigabit.” The objective of development is to solve a startup base station performance.

First of all it concerns the future 5G: network deployment will require the creation of new communications infrastructure and additional investments from operators.

According to the “Skolkovo”, “Radio Gigabit” the first work to develop a microwave communication system E-band with a controlled beam (unlicensed band, providing high-speed) suitable for these tasks. Third-party foreign vendors also dealing with this issue, but so far without success.

Make life easier for operators to decide and NFWare. A startup is developing software that helps communication providers increase network efficiency and reduce costs. The solution enables companies to run the necessary applications to run on a standard network server in a virtual environment. Software NFWare tested “Rostelecom” and Telefonica. Also a product of balancing traffic load tested and “Odnoklassniki” social network. Something similar is presented and the company RDP.RU. The product is called EcoRouter is a versatile IP / MPLS-router with built-in virtualization technology container. It gives the ability to run on the same device any number of third party applications and other network services. Yet there is a product in RDP.RU EcoNAT, which should solve the problem of shortage of IPv4-addresses.

The history of the MWC has its roots in February 1987 year. Then 13 countries in Copenhagen, signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” and developed a unified concept of creating a new GSM mobile phone standard. The first communication congress was held in Cannes. He was named GSM World Congress, as was carried out under the auspices of the Association of GSM-communication. Initially the exhibition was of a narrow character and was required only to specialists. As the popularity of the new standard at the time, in different countries there were national mobile operators, service providers and the development of GSM-networks require constant updating of equipment, cell phones and the development of means of communication. After 30 years since the founding gadgets firmly in the life of man, and MWC it has become one of the most prestigious places to introduce new technologies.


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