Nioh ,With the advent of a series of Souls and its successors glorious and cruel traditions like Bloodborne a new project from the creators of Ninja Gaiden behaving uncompromisingly to the player for the stupidity and rewards him for his attention and patience. “Times” has experienced a nice formula Nioh – die to win.

Do not go on the rampage

Perhaps this is the main advice to all novice players in Nioh. If you are not familiar with the Souls series like Dark Souls 3, then you will definitely get used to anything in this game.

Nioh not forgive haste and rash decisions.

In fact, the project is a familiar at the same Ninja Gaiden grinder, where you take on the main liquidator all bad. However, this time every enemy theoretically has all the chances you have to win, so that die in Nioh simple.

For this reason it should first take the time to examine the management and the mechanics of the game. It will take several hours and a lot of your nerve cells, but everything goes much better once you start to pay more attention to how each of their action, and to what can your enemy.

Alien Travel to Japan

The main character, in contrast to the Souls, is not only a name, but also a certain appearance. English sailor, blonde named

William looks quite unusual around the Japanese entourage. The basis of the character is taken a real trader William Adams, who is considered to be the first Englishman, came to Japan.

Thanks to his knowledge, he became an adviser to the shogun, and built his first ship on the Western model. Another interesting fact is that

Adams was officially dedicated in samurai, the first of the foreigners having received a new name.

William of Nioh largely have similar features, but still the story revolves around the magic and demons, although the scene is the same – feudal Japan. Only the beginning of your adventure in the Tower of London, who was then still a prison, we have the rest of the game fully dedicated to research of Japanese territory.

Arsenal samurai

William owns a variety of techniques and weapons. The game tries to offer you exactly the Japanese weapons, but you do not have to choose it.

Nevertheless, like swords uchigatana or even more interesting weapons like kusarigama (sickle, which is secured by a chain of impact load) is interesting to study and try to enemies. Although no one bothers to make a major weapon in the arsenal of another.

At your disposal can be hammers, spears, axes and even picks.

The character although it has not customize the face, but all of his equipment is easily configurable. You choose to William two melee weapons and two – long. For slots for long-range equipment provided bows and muskets. The game has several types of arrows and bullets, so do not be lazy to explore the characteristics, they may have a greater effect in certain situations.

Select and armor, which minimizes the damage taken and sometimes has other useful properties.

Available there are two slots for selecting wards, each of which helps to protect William and enhances some of its capacity. Because objects are not only necessary elixirs, but also more simple objects. For example, you can use the stone to get the attention of the enemy, and not just a few, or a salt, which causes little damage to the demonic creatures.

Pulьsirujuщaja that

In addition to the health of the scale you have another – scale ki. In fact, it is a measure of your physical strength, and when it is fully consumed, William will take a few seconds to recover. That is why

in the game you can not press the shock button constantly, because after the enemy can easily weigh several response kicks,

almost completely used up your health.

Each stroke should not count, as well as leave a little ki to dodge retaliatory attack or block it.

However, to return part of ki almost immediately possible, for this is a special method called “ripple ki”. After striking around William’s blue lights going, and that’s when you need to press a certain button to restore part of the stock ki faster.

If you master this technique, it will be easier to fight not only with the bosses, but also with ordinary reptiles.

It is equally important to choose the right rack. The Englishman in Japan, there are three available rack: high, medium and low, and each has its own set of techniques. rack system operates with every weapon, whether it be an ax or kusarigama.

The high is convenient to carry out strong blows with heavy losses, but away from the enemy attacks it very slowly. In the middle is good to attack groups of enemies, because dodge response techniques can be quickly and allow strikes inflict damage on multiple enemies at once. In turn, the low rack in handy when you need to constantly dodge attacks. It is best suited for the battles with the bosses, since such a rapid departure from the blows ki spent less than other racks.

Prayer and bleeding

William as his traveling strongly pumped. In the game for all pumping purposes have sanctuary, which also act as places for conservation progress in the game.

In prayer, we offer access to several menus.

The main is to increase the level of the William. The process is a sufficient number of Amrita, which you collect when killing enemies. Each time you level you choose what kind of item you want to increase in their combat skills.

We must remember that the sanctuary – the only place where you can spend Amrita, but losing it is easier than ever: as soon as you die in this place there is the grave of your stuck with the sword, and all amrta stays there.

Return precious points as possible, but again got to this place and died on the way.

There are two interesting skill, which also develops only through the sanctuary, and each of them is very useful in difficult battles. The development of knowledge of Ninjutsu is to study the techniques of throwing objects like shuriken or poisons.

The second doctrine – Omme Jutsu – is based on the magical practices and gives you the ability to fill their guns one way or another element for additional damage opponents with a corresponding vulnerability.

Each location has a certain level of difficulty, and the game assumes that you must have no less pumping, to pass it.

It is not a requirement, but as the strengthening of certain skills will be easier to pass the difficult moments of the game.


Nioh feels like Dark Souls, but it has its own style. This long-term construction, which is able to move away from past shortcomings and turned one of the best games studio.

It brutal world of feudal Japan is becoming a battleground for the English Samurai against black magic and demons. It’s a complex and demanding for the player to control a careful study of the rewards for success. Nioh world full of hate and suffering, and here we have a lot of time to fall in battle, to eventually win a long-awaited victory.


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