New offspring Nintendo really attracted by how easy it can be used at home and then take a path in just a second. Will there be enough of it to impress the owners of other consoles? This question remains open. “Times” is not parted with Switch a few days to evaluate the pros and cons.

And here and there

Base Switch – touch screen, rather reminiscent of the tablet. Nevertheless, his case has a compartment for the cartridges with the games, as well as special support to be able to put it on the table.

On the sides of the special compartments into which you insert the left and right sides of the gamepad. This form factor is characteristic of the portable consoles like the same PSVita. Nevertheless Switch dimensions are impressive – the screen seems great when you play on the go.

However, the console itself is not felt as a heavy, rather it is the case in size – a “box” to keep the scary without the strap, and the miracle of technology can inadvertently slip out of hand. Sticks pleasant and comfortable, conveniently located buttons and responsive to the pressing.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The whole design for the game on the TV screen to be installed in a special docking station that runs on wires and on the TV screen image is output through the HDMI-cable. On the whole dock is made convenient, wires are removed in a special compartment behind.

The set also has something like a stand that allows you to create a two-part one full gamepad. It looks still pretty funny, but to play with her at home watching television is much more convenient. The only thing – part of the gamepad does not charge through the cradle, so that in this case they have to be removed.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

However, how can we fly in the ointment. VG247 wrote that the consoles can scratch the screen even when installed in the docking station, so each owner Switch must be quickly pasted protective film. It is true remark, though carrying with them even better to get a full cover.

Try the game in every sense

Games can be purchased in the form of cartridges, as well as in electronic form through the store in the console itself. Pro flavor cartridges you probably already heard. In short – Nintendo really made them unbearably bitter to prevent cases falling cartridges in the mouth of small children.

Another thing is that people are joined to a tasting of all ages, but the reaction was the same at all. Nintendo representative to Kotaku comments clarified that the memory card on which the game and recorded, applied substance Denatonium benzoate, one of the bitterest known to mankind.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Download the electronic version of the game begins, provided that you have the latest version of the console firmware. The installation process itself is shown as a percentage, but the time and the amount of data you can not see anything.

For storage, you can use a microSD memory card, but this move is impossible to save them – such data can be stored only in the internal memory.

Surprisingly and the fact that conservation can not be carried over to another console, even through the same account.

So, on the site Nintendo Support indicates that the Switch allows you to transfer purchased games from one to another with the deactivation of the first console. However, with preservation of conduct can not be a trick. That is, in case of loss or damage to prefix all your saving can not be recovered. Taking into account the cloud, it would be cool to see more than the opportunity to at least have a backup of your cloud saves extracted blood and sweat.

One, two, Zelda

Home and business card game Switch – of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And then all of the case: the open world, an interesting plot, nice gameplay. Oddly enough, but reported that Zelda is better to play in a portable mode, wrote Eurogamer , have grounds.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Disclose secrets along with a link where to get it on the go more smoothly than the TV screen.

Well turned out to realize new game mechanics, fans of the series will be pleased to send the very first game, and the surprise is that this time Link – the right-hander.

Not forgotten Switch and his roots. If you remember the Wii, then you will definitely be interesting to try 1-2-Switch – a series of games, which are based on the interaction with the parts of the gamepad. Since Switch these parts are almost identical on the keys, you can play 1-2-Switch together, with each use of the gamepad as a full controller with a Stick and a set of buttons.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

In general, it is not felt as much fun as the Wii, – after all that “wow effect” is no longer, but these mini-games are definitely worth a try with your friends – it is exciting entertainment for the evening.

Other attractions in the side

Despite the fact that Nintendo has created quite successful hybrid console, which can be in the way to go and sit at home, familiar to many portable functionality such as watching videos and listening to music is not here.

No, and a web browser, which is sometimes very useful to have, for example, to enter the Wi-Fi-network.

Of course, given the current development of smart phones and their presence almost everyone, the absence of these features may seem a trifle. However, when you look at such a good and a big screen in the portable console, you can not help but think about how cool it would be looked favorite TV shows and movies.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

With music on the run course it is not so convenient, after all consoles is huge for comfortable listening. But its hybrid with the ability to quickly play music through the TV Switch would make one of the most convenient media players, to the same storage medium is well suited for this purpose. A moribund PSVita with its functionality and synchronization with a PC in this part of the entertainment looks like another generation device.


Nintendo Switch – another interesting experiment in consoles. Tireless Japanese newly created something quite special, that’s just with all its pros have Nintendo’s new brainchild still has certain problems.

Technical solutions will remove all additional Move, like the Sony, away, making a universal game pad, ready for all tasks at once. The main screen looks great not only in size but also in the transmission of images, but for him to follow very closely, so as not to scratch.

No additional media capability, can, and it seems a trifle, but it still will not be left without attention. Overall Switch – this is a great idea on their console that you want to modify slightly in implementation. And we go back to the “Zelda” – Khairul himself will not save.


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