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Nikon has for many years is one of the recognized leaders in the field of photographic production. This year it was decided to develop a new brand for the market action camera. “Times” to understand the pros and cons of the flagship Keymission 360.

As you might guess from the title, the main feature of Nikon Keymission 360 was the ability to record videos and photos of spherical. Shooting of this type is carried out by two cameras with wide-angle lenses, located on opposite sides of the body.


Size and weight: 65,7×60,6×61,1 mm, 198 g
Video: 4K – 24 fps, 1080p – 24 fps
Photo: 7744×3872 pixels
Battery: 1050 mAh
Connectors: the Micro the USB, HDMImicro, slot for microSD
Connectivity: Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth
Optional: diving up to 30 meters without the briefcase, the wind noise reduction system.


The package, in addition to the device includes two lenses for underwater shooting, high-quality, but useless rubber bumper mounting, charging, and instructions. To work is to purchase a fast micro-SD card.

The situation in hand and setting

During setup becomes a first deficiencies. Firstly, the chamber is inconvenient to handle. If you do not touch the lens, then constantly push the power button – it is recording.

This can happen in the road, when the camera is, for example, in a backpack. In this case, the device saves the discharge auto-off timer.

The second and most significant drawback – the software. To use the full potential of an action camera and be able to remote control, you need to pair it with a device with an iOS or Android. Here and headache begins. For example, the test chamber completely refused to connect to the iPhone 6, it was possible to achieve the desired only for your Nexus 7.

The application itself is outdated interface, which can hardly be called “intuitive”.

The synchronization process is quite long, and two or three times had to reconnect during a test time of shooting. It is worth noting that the problems with this camera experience most users, as evidenced by the official rating of 1.7 points in application on Google Play.

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Fully use the camera just will not work without a smartphone or tablet. In particular, it will be impossible to select a shooting mode and quality, check the remaining time of recording and viewing the captured images.

In action

Video recording can be done in several modes. Standard mode offers a normal video in 4K resolution, or FullHD. Note that in all scenarios the work involved two chambers, that is, to use one of the two lenses of choice will not work.

There is also a video interval, the so-called taymlaps. When activated Keymission 360 saves video in the fast recording mode. By default, the six-time playback speed, that is, in six minutes duration movie plays in one. The recording quality is noticeably worse than the standard mode – 960 / 30R.

In slow mode, the camera performs an automatic picture taking at a specified interval. In the first place, this option is designed to capture the natural objects or the movement of the stars.


lens for immersion
lens for immersion



Of course the video quality can be described as good, but there are small flaws. First – unevenly exposed exposure. This is clearly seen in the sky is displayed in the frame. In different parts of the image is darker or lighter, depending on the lens, the field of view in which it was stored. The second drawback – the distortion and the loss of a small part of the picture in the field “gluing” the image from the cameras. However, a significant drawback that can not be named, because

it is inherent in all 360-degree cameras, and this model has practically invisible.

There are 360 ​​Keymission opportunity normal photography. You can use a separate button on the body of the device or application. The images are even better than video. Detailing is quite high, the minimum distortion, and was not seen problems with the exposure settings.

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Security and reliability

The manufacturer claims a total protection against dust, moisture, with the possibility of immersion in water to a depth of 30 m without additional covers, from falling from a height of 2 meters and operate at temperatures from -10 to + 40 ° C.

In other words, the camera can easily take with you on trips to the most remote corners of the world.

To demonstrate its performance during the test device without any problems on the street at -4 ° C.


The stock battery is replenished quite quickly, while working on a single charge can not be called long. During the two-hour test of filming the battery is discharged from 100% to one division, which is about 20-30%.

When planning a large-scale project is to take care of the spare battery or portable charger.


In general, Nikon Keymission 360 – a good device for video shooting. If there is a need to purchase a 360-degree camera, maybe it’s a good solution, but it is still not without its obvious shortcomings.

Unstable software, not the most convenient design and secondary video recording quality may discourage the purchase of this action-camera.


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