In Barcelona hosts the annual Mobile World Congress, where leading mobile device manufacturers will present their latest products. This year’s event without surprises and with a bit of disappointment. The upset Nokia, Samsung showed that instead of the smartphone BlackBerry and why is not the same .

Once, though short-term, yet the success of the game Pokemon Go based on the old hard anime surprised how strong the nostalgia people. Apparently, these fond memories of childhood and youth was trying to arouse the company HMD Global, occupy more recently the release of mobile devices under the Nokia brand.

Nokia will resume sales of the model 3310

Legendary return neubivaemoy Nokia

The Company may HMD Global in 2017 to resume production of Nokia 3310, a masterpiece of the Finnish brand and simply one of the most memorable mobile .

Yet it was reported that the market for a few days before the start of the MWC will be released that same legendary model 3310, which is considered not killed. The audience greeted the news with pleasure and the most anticipated presentation to the press in the framework of the congress was the just one that suited Nokia.

Presenting their new smartphones and their “smart” gadgets, the company as a One more thing really revealed the Nokia 3310. And so high expectations gave way to a big disappointment.

Nokia 3310 sample of 2017 has nothing of what we loved the good old telephone.

Lightweight plastic body does not inspire confidence in the strength devaysa color screen looks matter, and who directed the device, and it is not clear at all. But there is a “Snake” and the classic Nokia ringtone. In general, the novelty has received from the original model name only. Also, the manufacturer promises that the battery will live for 22 hours on a single charge.

Photo: What happened with the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 will cost € 49

Presented were smartphones based on All Android Nokia 150 and Nokia operating system 6. The latter, originally focused on the Chinese market, will go on sale in other countries at the price of € 299 in the Art-variation consisting in a black glossy casing.

At the event, the company showed a 5 and unpretentious Nokia and Nokia devices 3. Diagonal screen is 5.2 inches and 5 inches, respectively.

5 Nokia will cost € 189, and Nokia 3 – € 139.

All phones come to market in the second quarter of 2017.

In addition, Nokia has decided to squeeze into niche health monitoring by the acquired company Withings. It was presented “smart” watches, scales and special instruments for measuring pressure and pulse. All of them have not caused much interest among the public, because, except for the name, gadgets actually nothing has changed.

Buttons and modules

Povoroshit past and decided TCL company – a new owner of Alcatel brand, and Blackberry. She spent within the MWC two press conferences, one of them were presented three budget Alcatel smartphone.

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This is U5, A3 and A5 LED. The most interesting of them – the last one. It is, in fact, a modular smartphone, made in Moto Mods conception (Motorola / Lenovo). The difference is that itself A5 LED, and removable modules for it are in a different price and therefore quality category than modular smartphone Moto Z and its accessories.

The set of modules for A5 LED includes a variety of covers, battery, speaker, but has become an exclusive removable LED-panel.

The LED-bar smartphone installed array of colored LEDs. They can light up in time with the music, show reports and simply switched on when the display activation. Any customization by color and character display, depending on the type of notification, the person or group “Contacts” from the application.

U5, A3 – even more simple models, and U5 is positioned as the most affordable 4G-smartphone. European prices for new Alcatel smartphones: U5 – € 99, A3 – € 149 and A5 LED – € 199.

The second press conference was devoted to the new Blackberry – KEYone. This smartphone with a physical keyboard and the screen has a diagonal of 4.5 inches, resolution – 1620h1080. The smartphone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset, RAM – 3 GB of built – 32GB.


Смартфон Blackberry Dmitry Bevza / “Herald”Смартфон Blackberry


The device has average specifications and price of the flagship smartphone € 549 and € 599 respectively.

The tablet instead of a smartphone

Even before the start of MWC has learned that the flagship 2017 – Samsung Galaxy S8 – this year will be presented in Barcelona.

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At MWC Samsung Electronics just officially announced that he already knew most of the experts: presentation of the new flagship will be held March 29, 2017 in New York. What is the reason the transfer (for comparison, Galaxy S7 was shown at MWC 2016), it is not very clear.

Perhaps the company did not want to mix the media impact of its major premiere events from other vendors on the MWC, and perhaps the final version of a smartphone finally ready.

So headlining Samsung Steels new tablet Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book and updated points of virtual reality with a new master controller.

Galaxy Tab S3 running OC Android and features a Super AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 9.7 inches. One model, Galaxy Book, received 10.6-inch TFT LCD display, and the other – a 12-inch Super AMOLED screen. Both the Galaxy Book devices operate on the Windows 10 operating system.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Dmitry Bevza / “Herald”Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


Main feature of Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book with 12-inch screen was playing a video in the format of HDR.

The plates used Samsung Flow technology with biometric authentication, which allows you to connect wirelessly to compatible devices transmitting documents and other information.

All new devices also received an updated S Pen stylus with a tip diameter of 0.7 mm, 13-megapixel main camera with autofocus and a 5-megapixel front camera. Galaxy Tab S3 is the first tablet from Samsung with four speakers from AKG.

Modesty and economy

Lenovo brought to the MWC two budget smartphone – Moto G5 and G5 Plus. Both phones got a metal casing and a new version of the Android operating system 7 Nougat. Moto G5 model has a 5-inch Full HD display, 13-megapixel main and 5-megapixel front camera.

In Russia, it will be sold this machine for the price of 13 thousand. Rubles.

Also, Lenovo introduced a tablet running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Android 7.0 operating system. The line includes the Lenovo Tab 4 August, Lenovo Tab April 10, and the more powerful the Lenovo Tab Plus 8 April and 10 April Tab Plus. One of the features of the devices became branded multiplayer mode that allows you to create child accounts premoderiruemym with access to the Google Play app.

Lots of colors, there is little sense

Sony is traditionally presented at MWC entire line of smartphones Xperia.

Flagship – XZ Premium – equipped with a display 4K (2160 x 3840) with a diagonal of 5.5 inches with a wide dynamic range (HDR) and supports ultra-fast file downloads. The device is based on the new and very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.


Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra и Xperia XA1 Dmitry Bevza / “Herald”Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra и Xperia XA1


The smartphone is protected against water and dust, and closed the glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5. both sides Longer than earlier battery life provided by the updated Smart Stamina technology, in which the mechanism of learning is applied, the ability to accurately predict battery life based on the model of daily use and optimize the operation of the device.

The device warns the user if it detects that the discharge occurs during the day.

A feature of Xperia XZ Premium has become the new mode of operation of the camera – predictive shooting.

The function automatically starts buffering the frame before pressing the shutter, that is, as soon as the camera detects motion.

With this at the end of shooting, you can find a point that has been missed.

The size of the pixels in the new matrix is increased by 19%, which allows the camera to capture more light and produce more detailed and clear images in low light conditions.

Xperia XZ Premium equipped with an image sensor with a built-in memory chip, which allows you to shoot HD-video (720p) at a rate of 960 frames per second and then play Super Slow Motion.

In Barcelona has also been shown Xperia XZs, XA1 (c 5-inch display) and XA1 Ultra (with a 6-inch display).

XA1 and XA1 Ultra – is a continuation of last year’s series of XA, which has become a feature of frameless design. They are equipped with basic cameras with 23MP resolution and F2.0 lens.

Journalists – on the street, 5G – under glass

Distinguished still “zero” day of MWC Huawei company, Let not a significant part of the press to the presentation, as handed out invitations to more than the capacity of the hall. However, despite such a global error, which the Chinese vendor will remember for a long time demonstrated smartphones P10 and P10 Plus – almost the most interesting is that there is at MWC this year.


Huawei P10 Мария Лацинская / «Газета.Ru»Huawei P10


Leica Camera devices receive optics, large screen (5.1 inches with a resolution FullHD and the younger model and 5.5 inches with a WQHD – the eldest), which compared to the previous generation flagship Huawei declined edge. Also, no button for display: they replace a sensor that reads fingerprints.

With it you can perform various manipulations with the device: unlock, press the “Home” or a step back.

Huawei offers potential owners a full eight colors, among which is “the color of 2017” – grass-green.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus will go on sale in Europe, Australia and New Zealand in March. devices price will be € 649 and € 699 respectively.

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I tried to surprise this year and Chinese ZTE, which, as the company said,

He showed the world’s first smartphone capable of operating in the standard 5G networks.

Mass introduction of the future network will not begin before 2020, and yet it is not even standardized.


ZTE Gigabit Phone ZTE Gigabit Phone


Nevertheless, ZTE says that the smartphone is able to cope with speeds of one gigabit per second. The prototype is based on the decision Pre5G Giga + MMB from the vendor.

The device was bulky and under glass, believe also in his ability had almost word for it.


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