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Research into the creation of new media is now being carried out by almost all large corporations. But the research group Microsoft Research went, it seems, farthest. Last year, developers said they wanted to use DNA to store information. And if you believe the publication of MIT Technology Review, it will happen in 3 years, when they will launch a system that will allow remote storage of data on DNA carriers.

Now Microsoft is working with Twist Bioscience. This office specializes in the production of artificial DNA. The developers believe that their storage media will be comparable in size with the Xerox copying technology of the 70s.

The use of DNA as an information carrier really makes sense: this molecule has an extremely high recording density. For example, as a representative of Semiconductor Research Corporation,

"Data on DNA can be recorded with very high density. So, all the films created in the history of cinematography, when recorded on DNA, will not exceed the usual piece of sugar in size. Therefore, we paid attention to this property. Moreover, the use of artificial DNA will solve the problem of the rapid growth of the volume of stored information and will permanently eliminate the development of new methods for its storage. "

In addition, researchers also plan to speed up the recording of information on DNA. If now the speed is 400 bytes per second, then soon this figure should grow to 100 megabytes per second. Despite the fact that there are ready-made prototypes of DNA-carriers of information, the high price is hampering the widespread spread of this technology. Microsoft believes that the cost of storing data on DNA should be reduced by at least 10 000 times in order for the technology to "step into the masses."

                  Microsoft creates a cloud-based data storage system based on DNA










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