Introduced in late 2016 a new flagship smartphone Meizu company will be available soon in all major global markets, including in Russia. What is interesting Meizu Pro 6 Plus and whether it deserves the attention of Russian Internet users – in the review “Gazety.Ru”.

Chinese vendors continue to displace competitors from the top ten largest manufacturers of smartphones.

mobile landscape changes affected even the premium segment, where until recently the position of the two leaders seemed absolutely unshakable. The Chinese not only increase sales, but with each year raise the level and class of their products, come closer to Apple and Samsung.

Meizu in this regard is very typical example of the Chinese company’s consistent work on the development and improvement of its flagship device.

Few critics

Externally Meizu Pro 6 Plus is very similar to Meizu Pro 6. At first glance, even the feeling that the previous model simply increased in size. Actually, the prefix Plus speaks directly to change the diagonal of the screen of the new smartphone.

The appearance of a new device – quite typical for 2016 design premium smartphone. It combines aluminum housing, narrow screen frame, 2.5D protective glass screen.

Banal design of the case – one of the main disadvantages of Meizu Pro 6 Plus. No, it looks good. All very high quality, ergonomically designed (as far as can be ergonomic smartphone with a diagonal of 5.7 inches), but the individuality in the design of the device is still not enough. And from the flagship, though the Chinese, still expect some raisins.

As justification, we note that to do now functional, ergonomic and at the same original body of the smartphone –

problem for the producer difficult enough to decide which manages the units and then not for long, as all good decisions and findings quickly copied.

You can find fault and device size. It is understood that the smartphone with a diagonal of 5.7 inches can not be small, since it is almost PHABLET. Yet, choosing a size for your flagship, the Meizu cut off part of the user. Despite the growing above average with a diagonal screen smartphone every year, not all buyers come to taste “spade”.

As a continuation of the critical themes to add that the smartphone is available in two versions, with 64 and 128 GB of memory, without the possibility to expand this volume by Micro SD card. The difference between the two versions of Pro Plus 6 is 4 thousand. Rubles. Wherein

memory card 64 GB can buy rubles for 500. That is, if you need a larger amount of internal storage, to save the expense of purchasing the Micro SD card will not work.

Actually, this list of complaints about the Meizu Pro Plus 6 ends.

Help from Samsung

The device is equipped with a high-contrast display SuperAMOLED Samsung with 2560 x 1440. Despite the large screen size, pixel density is very high – the PPI 515, which is more than a good indicator. This allows easy use of the device in the mobile VR-glasses.

Another positive aspect SuperAMOLED matrix – not Light Damaged black color and a higher energy efficiency than that of IPS-screens. For those who think that this type of displays are too bright and unnatural colors, the user can adjust the color temperature.

In general, with regard to energy efficiency, the ligament-SuperAMOLED display, 3400 mAh battery, eight-processor Samsung Exynos 8890 and good hardware and software optimization give a very good result.

At the “hardcore” using a smartphone battery lasts for a day, and for a more humane – two. The device also supports fast charging.

Samsung-topic does not end on the screen and processor. For example, 4 GB of RAM smartphone also produce South Korean vendor. Samsung engineers have assisted in the work of the camera Meizu Pro 6 Plus.

The main work on the bugs noticeable when comparing the survey Meizu Pro 6 Plus to its predecessor Meizu Pro 6. The camera of the previous generation of smartphones is clearly inferior to the market leaders. At this time, the Chinese have equipped its flagship 12 megapixel Sony IMX386 unit, 6-lens lens aperture of f / 2.0, and laser autofocus and four-phase optical stabilization.

To create a camera and photo processing algorithms Meizu has worked with ArcSoft and Samsung.

We compared the work of Meizu Pro Plus 6 chambers (left) and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (right) in automatic mode.

Pictures taken on the Galaxy S7 Edge, look a little more interesting, but we must understand that today in this device is almost a reference mobile camera. But even on its background Meizu Pro 6 Plus looks good.

Self-sufficient and rich sound button

Meizu Pro 6 Plus – a feast for music lovers and audiophiles. The device is equipped with a Hi-Fi audio chip ESS ES9018K2M with a dynamic range of 123dB, amplifier ADI AD45275, capacitors Japanese company RYBICON. Any adjustment of the output power depending on the resistance of headphones.

Pro 6 Plus can “shake” even vysokoumnye studio accessories. That’s rare for the smartphone industry case when listening on a device of high quality recordings in lossless standards and not the cheapest headphones actually makes sense.

The pride of the company Meizu (they even patented it) is a proprietary mTouch button. Actually, no other virtual buttons, even on the front of the smartphone is no more.

MTouch works like this: a short touch – command “Back” button – the team “Home”, long press – Sleep mode, swipe (bottom-up) – display of all running applications.

It is another key fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor. Pulse determined within five seconds.

Initially, the management seems unusual, but after a couple of days to adapt and do not want to have to go back to the traditional three-button control.

Other features of the Pro 6 Plus is worth noting the appearance of the regime – always on display. Not such advanced smartphones in the Samsung, but it’s a matter of time and the new firmware. Meanwhile, in the display is off is shown only the time, date and battery life.

The screen supports and 3D-Press technology which detects pressing force and in some applications disclosed context menu.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus running proprietary GUI Flyme OS 6 (Android 7). laconic shell, without junk applications from the “partners”. All applications in the iOS-‘s Style located on the screens. In Flyme OS 6 also features Action View mode (low power consumption in read mode) and “smart” system of One Mind, which

adapts to user habits, optimizes launch the most popular applications and selects the most appropriate settings for the intensive programs.


In general, despite the small number of controversial decisions, the Meizu company’s device failed. Pro 6 Plus features a powerful today, “hardware”, all provisions of the premium smartphone sensors, sensors, wireless modules.

For the software part, too devaysa no complaints – hardware filling is fast, smooth and error free. The obvious weaknesses in the device is not present, but there are some original solutions as mTouch & Hi-Fi sound.

Before us is not the most accessible (35 thousand. For the 64 GB version and 39 thousand. For 128 GB), but interesting and worthwhile smartphone users.


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