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According to the press service of the ITMO University, Russian scientists successfully launched the first multi-node quantum network in Kazan in the capital of Tatarstan. Recently, it was tested in the "quantum phone" mode, protected from any wiretapping and providing an extremely high degree of protection.

The first quantum communication line was launched at the University of ITMO in 2014. Then the scientists "combined" the two wings of their home university, and in June last year the Russian Quantum Center announced the launch of the first "city" communication line between the two branches of the bank. The Kazan version of the quantum network has 4 nodes and was tested last year. At the moment, it was possible to fully establish communication between all four points and develop a new data transfer protocol optimized for urban infrastructure.

Two nodes of the network are located in the main switching stations of the company "Tattelecom" on different banks of the river Kazanka, and two more – within the walls of the educational institution KNITU-KAI. Points are located about 10 kilometers apart. During the first start-up between the nodes of the network, control commands were sent and demo files were sent. In addition, audio communication was tested by means of quantum coding. In the course of testing, the generation rate of sifted quantum sequences in some parts of the network exceeded 100 kilobits per second. According to the authors of the project,

"The KNITU-KAI Laboratory has been engaged in quantum memory for more than 15 years, but our developments needed to find practical applications, and colleagues from ITMO needed a quantum memory for long-distance communications. For two years now we have been working closely together. In the future, we plan to create a signal amplifier that preserves the quantum state and transmits it on the channel, which allows increasing the communication range, and certifying the network. Further plans for the development of the Kazan network go in two directions. First, it is an improvement in the speed, range, and other properties of the quantum channel. Secondly, the docking and development on its basis of a variety of information services, from data centers to, for example, mobile messengers. "

It is based on the materials of the agency RIA Novosti

                  Kazan hosted the first in Russia session of quantum "telephone" communication










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