In Instagram will be a selection of topical news of world events

Photo service Instagram followed by Twitter and YouTube launches its news feed. Therefore, the application after Google and Facebook supported the trend of transformation of the largest Internet companies in the media resources in an attempt to increase the number of users and provide them with the whole range of necessary information.

Innovation Instagram is to update the Explore tab, where the user is now able to see a selection of news photos and videos. Materials will be selected by the number of views, likes, comments, and publication time.

At the same time search now allows you to find images and videos on the site, people and hashtags. This should allow the 300 million application users better navigate the 70 million photos and videos uploaded daily to Instagram.

“People are eager to know what is happening in the world right now, – said director general of Instagram Kevin Systrom. – And social media and regular media are fighting for the same thing – the time during which they will be able to deliver breaking news to the user. ”

According to him, smart phones with cameras have dramatically changed the process of working the media itself.

“I can get the most complete information using user photos from the scene”, – summed up Sistrom.

breaking news market is actively developing and Twitter. Service recently added the ability to post photos and videos, as well as start-ups acquired Meerkat and Periscope, developing feature live broadcasts via smartphones.

The Twitter button appears as access to the most important news events with real-time updates. Content for the latest news feeds will be selected by a special professional service edited.

A day earlier, YouTube launched a news channel Newswire. Video Hosting stated that materials and so users are constantly used the media, so Newswire accommodate updated in real-time video from the scene. Channel video will be selected revision Storyful.

This YouTube and Instagram owned by Google and Facebook, who want to compete in the market of high-quality news content with traditional online media.

After all, over the past 10 years, sources of information, thanks in part to smart phones have undergone major changes. And the growth of the user base of social networks is now largely determined by the quality and speed of news events in the tape.

As a result, under the threat turned out to be the market of traditional media giants such as the German Axel Springer. Largely due to the influence of the media market players Google today faced with a variety of legal proceedings in Europe.

Thus, the Internet company has suffered considerable damage from the introduction of “tax news” and has since been forced to pay the publishing houses for the use of the introductory part of the news in Google News. Of course, the use of a full-fledged media holdings content on Google can be no question.

Facebook also failed to market news. Placement of news content on the social networking platform has not found widespread support for publishers, even though Zuckerberg pledges to share revenue from advertising in the news.

Despite negotiations with The New York Times, BuzzFeed, National Geographic and other major media outlets, Facebook news and have not appeared.

The reason is obvious, because revenues from advertising on Facebook is much lower media holdings expectations. At the same time the cost of the professional content production is much higher than that of the user. And if the media will be used for posting news to Facebook, the social network will sooner or later get over them full control.

As a result, the Internet company switched to a news content to attract users and professional journalists on its platform, and it is in these areas in the foreseeable future will unfold the most fierce competition.


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