In Holland, they suggested heating the houses with servers

Electronic devices produce a lot of heat when working. Therefore, the more power the device has, the more efficient it is to cool it. Large data centers that work with huge amounts of data daily give off a huge amount of heat, which the owners of data centers try to fight as efficiently as possible, coming up with more and more efficient methods of cooling, along the way trying to save money. To help them, the Dutch startup Nerdalize is already in a hurry, offering to use this heat to heat the dwellings of ordinary citizens, according to Digital Trends.

The idea offered by Nerdalize is that all the heat generated by the servers should be allowed to heat the houses. At the same time tenants will receive heating for free. In order to start heating in such a high-tech way, simply sign an agreement with the data center and install the server at home. Thus, a person will receive free heat, and the data center will release additional areas that can be leased.

The authors of this original decision emphasize that server heating will allow residents of the houses to save about $ 350 each year on heating their homes, and companies will be able to reduce the costs associated with cooling equipment.

The first lucky ones will start testing the new heating system already in August – 42 houses will take part in the experiment at this stage, but 3,500 people already expressed a desire. They will be connected later if everything goes smoothly.

Previously, the heat generated by the servers was offered by the German company Cloud & Heat, but its offer was different in that for the installation of one server it was necessary to pay about $ 15,000.


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