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Over the past few decades, scientists have discovered many different polymers that react differently to light. Some of them harden when exposed to light, others break up or dry out. Chinese physicists decided to use these properties for a kind of "3D printing" using a projector and a computer with the Power Point program.

The polymer material reacting to light is placed in a special container, a slide is projected on it, thus highlighting it with different intensity, which allows the polymer to take the necessary shape right inside the container. The thickness of a specific area and its flexibility depends on the duration of illumination and brightness. Having prepared certain slides, you can create a figure of almost any complexity.

The polymer used by Chinese researchers, bends only at very small thickness, so with it it turns out to create only small origami, whose size does not exceed a couple of centimeters.

Nevertheless, this is already a good reserve for the future – anyone with a home projector and Power Point can do something similar, – says the physicist Dainin Fang from the University of Beijing.

Now scientists continue to experiment with other types of polymers, trying to do something more and more simply.

                  In China, printed "origami" using a conventional projector and Power Point










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