Huawei Mate 9

The camera in the smartphone for a long time ceased to be something minor, on the other hand, many prefer the device, having advanced photographic capabilities. Market leaders in this respect are Apple and Samsung, but Huawei is not going to put up with it. “Times” checked, whether capable of Mate 9 compete with better-known competitors.

the Leica Union

For Huawei’s cooperation with Leica is not new. In particular, the latest flagship P9 was also released with the help of German experts and received a prestigious European award.

In general, collaboration with renowned manufacturers of photographic equipment – a time-tested marketing approach that gives certain results.

Nokia has long collaborated with Carl Zeiss and produce smartphones with some of the best cameras on the market. What is Nokia N8, which will be able to compete with smartphones and now the average price segment.

In terms of photography Mate 9 failed. The main camera has a dual module: the first “eye” has a resolution of 20 megapixels and an additional monochrome – 12 megapixels. The essence of technology is that it is due to the second lens images look sharper and sharper, achieved great depth (bokeh effect).

Of the nice features can distinguish the presence of the optical image stabilization and laser autofocus.

“Chips” camera mode was to be “large aperture”, but obtained with the help of photographs are not always successful.

Bokeh effect on Mate 9 is overkill and it looks unnatural, so it is a function can be called raw and in need of improvement.

However, it sometimes suffers and iPhone 7 Plus.

When photographing in the normal mode, images of high quality are obtained. The camera focuses quickly, and a little digital noise even in low light. There are different options for taking pictures such as panorama, slow motion and so on.

The front camera has the resolution of 8 megapixels. “Ornament” is no longer “zamylivat” pictures, and the result was not long in coming. Selfies gets good, with a fairly wide viewing angle.

Video is written with a maximum resolution of 4K. When you shoot a good idea helps optical stabilization, which reduces jerking pictures from shaking.

Summarizing the operation of the camera, we can say that it is possibly the best for the price of the smartphone is sold. But the level of Samsung Galaxy or iPhone still need to grow.

Design and Display

Mate 9 got a huge screen diagonal of 5.9 inches. The very quality of the screen is at a high level. The viewing angles are close to the maximum brightness is sufficient, and in the sun, there is operation with gloves.

One of the features of the display – oversaturated colors that should be taken into account when processing photos. FullHD resolution is enough – the picture is clear, the pixels are not visible.

The question is only diagonal: despite the efforts of designers and engineers, the smartphone has turned out quite cumbersome. Pull the upper edge of the screen is not always convenient. Thus, during the review of the smartphone it was on the verge of falling.

The situation could have saved the building, but here it is, unfortunately, quite slippery, though, and stylish.

Dual Camera fits the design is much better than on the iPhone 7 Plus is, just a little surprise nest location for headphones. It would be much more convenient if it is located on the bottom rather than the top.

Performance and software

Eight-chip Huawei Kirin 960 own production in conjunction with the 4 GB of RAM ensures fast application performance and smooth Internet surfing.

In games, the device also showed a good side: such demanding projects as Asphalt Extreme and World of Tanks: Blitz, are at high graphics settings without any problems.

Mate 9, one of the few devices that are running Android 7.0 running on top of the installed desktop environment EMUI 5.0. Compared to previous versions of the firmware has changed quite significantly. Was redrawn curtain notifications and quick settings, changed settings menu and style of application icons.

Appearance markedly improved and become more “adult”, but preserved settings and congestion unintuitive interface.


For the autonomy of the battery capacity corresponds to 4000 mAh, which is enough for two days of work, with an average load. Positively affects processor power efficiency and optimal screen resolution. There is a fast charging with supplied power adapter. Smartphone “live” longer than most of its competitors in the market, that is certainly a tangible advantage.


Huawei Mate 9 – a good phone, but it does not suit everyone.

He qualitative display and good camera, high performance, beautiful body and a fast fingerprint reader, but it may be too large, and firmware may not like.This is the machine that is good value for money, but before buying it is better to go to the store and carefully “to twist” the device in his hands.


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