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In the middle price segment we are now seeing strong competition mainly between Chinese manufacturers. In response to market demands Huawei released Honor 6X. Dual main camera, a nice metal case, “long-playing” the battery and other features of the new smartphone – in “Gazety.Ru” review.


Recently, Huawei Device time (Honor is its sub-brand) are pleased with their appearance. Honor 6X is also not an exception. Practically all-metal body is impressive build quality. The only exception is

top plastic part on the back of the smartphone that “crunches” when pressed.

It looks good and concentric incisions around the camera. However, a bit annoying asymmetrical arrangement of the light sensor and the front-facing camera, but the darker versions devaysa is not so much conspicuous.

For charging and syncing with your computer using a regular micro USB. Apparently, for the widespread introduction of Type-C should be just for a while.

Overall smartphone leaves a pleasant impression. They are easy to use with one hand due to the grip housing.

Performance and autonomous operation

During the performance of the smartphone meets the eight-chip own production Kirin 655 in conjunction with 3 GB of RAM. Contrary to expectations, the device well in the games. For the test used “heavy» Asphalt Extreme, in which a high level of graphics has been exposed.

For 45 minutes the smartphone barely warmed up and did not show “fatigue.”

Everyday tasks such as surfing the web and watching videos in high definition, Honor 6X are also no problem.

Autonomous operation provides a smartphone battery capacity of 3340 mAh, which surely holds a charge. With moderate use of the device easily enough for two days, and in the active mode, the user accurately enough to night.

More cameras – the best photo?

Special attention is paid to the manufacturer photographic capabilities of the device. Thus, the trend in favor of the main camera has a double module. Lenses 12 megapixel sensor helps with a resolution of 2 megapixels, which is needed to create a bokeh effect (background blur around the main object).

When natural light make good pictures, but something supernatural should not be expected.

The application itself contains a wide variety of modes, from the mineral kind panorama, manual mode, before taymlapsa doubtful – “good food” and “make-up”.

When “evening” light pictures lose detail, but digital noise in the frames of a bit. The camera quickly catches the focus, sometimes make mistakes with the exposition. In such cases, the aid comes to manually adjust the slider.

Video does not involve digital stabilization, and videos can be recorded in the maximum 1080p resolution at 30 f / s.

The front camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels allows you to make high-quality selfie with post-processing built-in editor.


One of the greatest strengths of Honor 6X – this is its display. The smartphone has a quality matrix-FullHD resolution. The viewing angles, brightness, contrast and color saturation does not cause complaints.

Also note that the manufacturer has provided

the possibility of including “the protection of” regime, which was the prerogative of only the flagship devices.


One speaker located on the bottom, sounds pretty clean, but not very loud. If you unscrew the sound to the maximum limit, it seems that the smartphone is “choking” – music merges into some illegible mess.

The situation is better headphones. The volume level is decent, just enough for public transport. Any improvement in corporate sound, includes the setting that leaves a dual impression.

The overall volume is higher, with added sound effects, which are not the best way to combine some of the tracks or music genres.


Overall Honor 6X pleasantly pleased. For relatively little money, you can get a smartphone with a high-quality display, fast and accurate fingerprint reader, a good autonomy.

However, it is not necessary to be led by advertising. Camera devaysa pretty average, and some applications may not work properly due to lack of optimization for the CPU.


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