What applications can help in an emergency

In extreme conditions, the smartphone can be very helpful, because many different applications offers a whole variety of useful information and functions needed in an emergency. “Times” decided to find out what applications will be particularly useful.


The app allows you to find the nearest point of care in Moscow or call the emergency services. It differs from many similar user-friendly design and intuitive interface. For example, health centers are grouped in orientation: traumatology, care for children, care for adults.

In addition, the map shows, as broken down by groups of all emergency items. In addition, there is a page with the necessary phones. Unfortunately, the actual application is currently only in Moscow.

The app in App Store.

“Mobile rescuer”

Conveniently, one of the most feature-rich application to call emergency assistance. With big red «SOS» button on the screen, which must be held within five seconds, it is possible to call emergency services and to notify all relatives about his location. “If you are near there was an extraordinary event, the application will notify, inform about the recommended actions and points of collection or evacuation.” The application also gives you access to directories Emergency Situations Ministry and the Interior Ministry in first aid and how to behave in emergency situations.

“Mobile rescuer” is the official application of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. It is free, but requires authentication through a mobile phone number.

The app in App Store.

The app on Google Play.

«01 02 03»

An application with a simple interface, where three emergency call buttons are shown on the screen: 01, 02 and 03.

According to the developers, their application eliminates the need to figure out how to reach a particular service with the numbers of different operators.

“Have you never take advantage of our program,” – says the desire of developers to describe application.

The app in App Store.


“Med-Info” – is a multifunctional application, which will not only help to find the nearest location or a pharmacy, but also allow the necessary information to learn about the medications or find it at the barcode and find out the price.

Also, “Med-Info” offers a comprehensive guide, which reflects the large number of diseases, and describes drugs that are used in a particular disease. In addition, it is possible to set a timer and reminder of the medication.

The section “About me” will bring together all the information on the current or chronic diseases. This will be particularly useful in the case of the need of first aid.

The app in App Store.

The app on Google Play.

However, not only related to emergency medicine and using the application can be useful in emergencies. In the event of communication failure may require customers to communicate or search for a specific location on a map without internet.


One of the most famous instant messengers today, which does not require an internet connection. To send messages, you need a Bluetooth-connection and the availability of applications on your smartphone.

Range is limited to 60 m, but in the case where a network is created from various devices, the range and speed grow significantly. In addition, FireChat allows you to create chat rooms with a capacity of several tens of thousands of people.

The app in App Store.

The app on Google Play.

Offline card

Maps saved in the phone memory will be a great help where there is no catch or no network. Here you can choose from a wide range of similar applications. MAPS.ME and 2GIS, for example, are among the most popular online maps.

For the operation of the application without the network only need to pre-download the map a particular place, then you can work with or 2GIS MAPS.ME.

MAPS.ME в App Store и Google Play.


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