The world’s most wanted hacker linked to Russian intelligence

Russian hacker Evgeniy Bogachev, whom the FBI offers a reward of $ 3 million, attributed to the cooperation with the Russian special services in the field of cyber espionage. As he became a “hacker №1”, why Russia could not fail to be interested in his criminal network and the Trojan Bogachev more dangerous than other viruses – “Gazety.Ru” in the material.

According to the publication of The the New York the Times , the most wanted hacker world – 33-year-old Russian Evgeny Bogachev could cooperate actively with the Russian special services and transfer them to secret information.

According to the publication, “Bogachev is devastated bank accounts, the Russian authorities looked over his shoulder and have access to the necessary files and e-mail addresses.”

Thus, Russia allegedly took advantage of the situation and used the data Bogachev as another tool in a cyber war against the United States and Europe. NYT notes that this case shows the scale of the efforts and creativity of Russian special services in the field of international information espionage.

Medal of Merit for hacking

Evgeny Bogachev is accused of creating a network of infected computers and stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from bank accounts around the world. As the NYT reported his victims were completely different companies that you can at least something to steal from-exterminator company in North Carolina to the Police Department in Massachusetts.

NYT suggests that the rich man is not just an ordinary criminal.

Theoretically, he could have access to any information from any computer – it is possible that under his leadership have been kibervozdeystviyu and government officials of the system in different countries.

For Russia, whose hackers recently been accused of massive attacks to several countries, such a person could become an ideal informant. Media believes that the Kremlin could not resist this temptation and enlisted Bogachev.

The US has no extradition agreement with Russia, so long as Evgeny Bogachev not commit a crime on the territory of the Russian Federation, there is no reason for his arrest. However, The New York Times failed to communicate with the hacker through his lawyer Alexei Stotskaya.

“The fact that it (Bogachev) looking for the FBI, did not give me the moral right to comment on his case,” – said Stotskii.

The publication notes that there was a time when the FBI hoped that cybercriminals would look jointly with the Russian FSB. Then there was a joke that the Russian rather hang a medal on the chest of the attacker, who was able to crack the US bank. Now the joke, maybe not so far from the real situation.

Racked and banks, and elections

FBI and Interpol are searching for more than a dozen of Russians who are suspected of committing cybercrimes. Among them Evgeny Bogachev, who is considered the most dangerous, and therefore promised him the greatest reward – $ 3 million.

This is the largest amount that has ever been proposed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation for information about the wanted man.

Bogachev is wanted since 2011. He is accused of creating malicious Trojan GameOver ZeuS, which were carried out with the help of large-scale fraud, particularly the theft of large amounts of funds. Hacker accused of attacks on banks such as Capital One Bank, Bank of Georgetown and the First National Bank of Omaha.

International media and activities previously associated Bogachev and Russian intelligence services. “You have to wonder why a well-known thief took care of sensitive political information which relate to the international interests of Russia”, – reported in the publication Vice publication.

USA Today, and all said that the rich man is not alone, but is the head of a powerful crime syndicate specializing in cybercrime.

Earlier, an informed source “Gazety.Ru” explained that the ZeuS virus – an enhanced Trojan that can infect not only the computer, but also smart phones and ATMs, which makes users’ personal data more vulnerable.

It is reported that the program operating on the principle of the ZeuS, and used during the US presidential election.

Perhaps this was the reason for inclusion in the December 2016 Evgeny Bogachev in the sanctions list of the US Treasury. Hacker was one of six individuals who have fallen under these sanctions.

The New York Times believes that at the moment Bogachev living under his own name in Anapa and occasionally goes to rest in the Crimea. Another Russian hacker – Alexander Panin, who is serving his sentence in an American prison, told the publication that the rich man mentioned in a joint conversation that he is married and is the father of two children.

In addition to this information, few can provide data on the “hacker №1». Even close business partners have never met him personally and did not know his real name.


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