Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 ,Exclusive the Sony, allowing gravity to take control, reached the PlayStation 4 as a sequel. At this time, the scale of entertainment reached an entirely new level. “Times” back to a world where the laws of physics do not work.

The coast

Original Gravity Rush 2 – exclusive PlayStation, which was good enough for the portable console Vita, but for the same reason, go unnoticed for most players. At the beginning of 2016 the first part was ported as a remaster on the PS4, and the second as originally developed by Sony home console.

At the heart of gameplay – various manipulations with gravity to easily erase the frame between what is above and what is below. At the same time pleasing to the eye returned to the main characters.

In the second part, we present a new story of the main characters – a girl and a cat Cat haze. The game gradually committed player in the plot, so that even those who have not played the original, could easily get used to.

please everyone

The story itself develops after some time after the final of the first part. Now the heroine and her friend joined several people who collect the ore, but before the main villain in this game takes very little time.

Gravity Rush 2 is trying to please both those who waited, and those who first met Kat.

The game world is cluttered and expanded on the basis of the first part, but at the same time, the players try to explain everything that can be incomprehensible without the excursion into the last part of the project.

Step forward

A negative point was the fact that the management is again observed a small matter. Kate sometimes does not obey all the commands that you ask her to. It is not surprising that this can be annoying.

But with the missions, this time a full order, they became more interesting and richer. And while the original formula is fairly simple (for example, to go to a specific location to a specific character), a quest may be accompanied by a number of different tasks. This eventually adds passing variety, because of the meeting may be followed by a search for the desired object and vigorous fight.

The main difference from the first part – the scale. Those who played the original, very different world will see this game.

Still, the portable format of the first part was not able to fully show what they are capable developers.

The individual elements of the game can be carried out not so perfect, but in general, Gravity Rush 2 leaves a pleasant impression.

Little things big world

Ironically, the open world made quality – he is not trying to surprise its grandiose dimensions, but it is striking details. In particular, such as local residents walk through the squares and bazaars, the beauty of the buildings, as well as scattered all over the map and test additional missions, which at your disposal.

Game developers have tried to experiment with unusual trends. In Gravity Rush 2, you have the opportunity to selfie – photographed on a background of interest and download the pictures to a local server.

Other players will be able to assess your staff, which will earn rewards for the cat Isle.

Such trifles enliven the world of Gravity Rush 2 and make the execution of missions and other tasks it is much more interesting. Comics style graphic smooths some flaws, but overall is an unusual schedule plus project, highlighting it among other games.

Let us add here great music that you can listen to and separate from Gravity Rush 2.


The new part of the adventures of Kate is not the most important exclusive to the Sony, this is not a game that will buy everything. But such an unusual and interesting project as Gravity Rush 2, is able to catch and entertain. Already familiar with the world of the game will appreciate the improvements that have brought it to the developers this time, and newcomers get a chance to see the world once Gravity Rush in all its glory.


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