What is “spidrany” and how to play them

High-speed passing games in 2017 but continues to find new fans. With the development of the first YouTube, and then Twitch «spidrany” have become an important part of the culture of video games. “Times” tells why this alloy is serious work and fun pastime interested gamers.

Crossing the gaming worlds

In ancient times, when the first videoblogery existed Site Speed ​​Demos Archive (SDA) only appear on YouTube, where you can find a huge number of clips from the high-speed passing game. All before entering on the resource page subjected to scrutiny.

In 2010, the owners of the SDA for the first time organized the event, which gathered a group of players, each of which passes quickly in at least one project.

For the first time spidranov marathon called Games Done Quick (GDQ) was held in January of 2010. Since 2011 GDQ have been held twice a year – in winter and summer.

In addition to entertainment purposes at events there and humanistic mission

– Viewers can make donations to charity in the medical field (cancer treatment, study diseases, etc.). In January 2014 it managed to raise more than $ 1 million.

With the development of videoprohozhdenie as one of the segments of YouTube entertainment more players prefer to spread their spidrany directly on Google bought video hosting rather than the SDA. And the appearance of strimingovogo service Twitch finally made this area a popular pastime.

However, the existence of Games Done Quick is not affected, and from 8 to 15 January 2017 hosted the marathon. Traditionally, the list spidranov have a game with an already old, but still popular consoles, as well as entirely new projects, released just a year ago. For example,

new DOOM, which blood_thunder player took less than an hour.

It also presents the Batman: Arkham City and Mega Man. But it is worth noting that the majority of the audience, which is present in the marathon, tends to look and pass it spidrany old games that came before the “zero”.

Talk and play correctly

In basic terms spidranerov have techniques that they use.

100% – the game need to pass completely by performing all tasks and collect all the items. However, not all games have a menu item that passed the percentage game, so sometimes the players themselves decide what it means in a given game “100%”.

Any% (% any) – spidran where there are no requirements on how the game is passed, the main thing – to get to the final credits.

Damage to accelerate – sometimes faster to get injured by the enemy than to win it. Sometimes the damage can make the character more high-speed, or give him extra height to overcome obstacles. For example, it is useful in Resident Evil 4.

Death during acceleration – the moment when the death of a character helps save time and go through the game faster. Sometimes this is done in order to come back from one part to another location. So,

in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater fake death makes it possible to quickly win one of the bosses – The Fear.

Adjust the character and image – in some games for a more rapid passage of the site can be used bug games, for which the activation is necessary to correctly position the character and camera games. This glitch allows you to reduce the passage of the game for half an hour, there is in God of War 2.

Break game sequences – lets through shortcomings in the game to miss certain moments in the plot, or swap them if it helps her to go faster. In Prince of Persia: Warrior Within spidranah players in their game usually go completely through the story, often missing important points that it does not affect the possibility to reach the finish.

In parts – some spidrany require not only the skills of the player, but also a hell of a lot of luck. Therefore, sometimes the game runs at a speed in part, to the passage of time, it was as small as possible. But with the development of the streams, this option is losing popularity as gamers were more likely to just restart the game and start again spidran.

Acceleration from first click

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman series is very popular among spidranerov, but the basic rule is to pass the game on the highest difficulty and with a rating of “Silent Killer» (Silent Assassin, SA). There are several other conditions, such as SO (Suit Only) – Only in the suit when prohibited 47 th to dress in clothes of other people, or Pro – passing on the highest difficulty level (Professional).

God of War 3

Third, the majority of GOW series is known not only the completion of the history of the collapse of Olympus, but also one of the most interesting ways to speed up the passing game. The original God of War 3 was exclusively on the PlayStation 3, and already curious players found that the project has a way to get all the weapons from the outset.

In one of the locations it is possible to substantially reduce the passage of time, but with access to remaster the players discovered that the omission can be even more significant.

So now GOW 3 are less than an hour, and after a battle with Poseidon almost immediately followed by the final boss – Zeus.

Dishonored 2

Continued Dishonored was no less interesting for spidranerov than the first part. In the game thanks to the magical abilities still can do “miracles” that allow to pass some locations a couple of minutes. In the second part there are new categories – the passage of Emily without magical abilities.

Resident Evil 4

The immortal part of RE after so many years of success is one of the most interesting games for spidranov. This is largely due to the fact that the project continues to change.

PC version on Steam is less long download that allows you to pass the game even faster than on consoles. In addition, the game has a classic platform for spidranov – the original version for Nintendo Gamecube, in which there are a couple of tricks that are not in other versions.


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