France by 2023 will use high-speed autonomous trains

National French railway operator SNCF is going to commission independent high-speed trains TGV by 2023, reports FranceInfo agency referring to official sources. The testing of the so-called "train-drones" is scheduled for 2019, the same publication reports.

New French high-speed trains will be equipped with special sensors that will mark obstacles on the lines and, if necessary, stop the train. Automated trains TGV will be able to accelerate to speeds over 300 kilometers per hour. Control over them is planned to be carried out remotely, however, on the board, conductors will always be on board to increase the level of security in order to take emergency measures in case of emergency.

SNCF President Guillaume Pepi said in an interview with Le Figaro that if the project proves successful, SNCF will be the first railway operator in the world to launch automated high-speed trains.

Mathieu Shabanel, Assistant Director of SNCF, in turn, in an interview with FranceInfo compared an automated train with autopilot systems used on commercial airliners.

"There is always a pilot in the cockpit, but there is also an automatic control system for the airliner," Shabanel commented.

The introduction of automated trains, according to the operator SNCF, will increase the speed and frequency of sending TGV trains. And in particular in the environs of Paris, where TGV lines often intersect with numerous local and regional railway lines. The operator believes that the introduction of an automated road system will increase the number of trips between Paris and Lyon by 25 percent.


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