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Prynt has created an augmented reality printer for the smartphone, so now any owner of a fashionable gadget can not just fool himself and friends on the phone, but also instantly print out successful snapshots on photographic paper with a sticky base. But the main thing in the printer is not this, but the fact that the photos printed on it can move. Just like in Harry Potter, remember? Well, almost.

In a fairy tale about a wizard-eyed wizard, the photos still moved independently. It's understandable – the magic is the same, and in the case of Prynt it's a bit different. To move the picture, you need to look at it through the front camera, then people in the picture will start moving. Yes, it's just loading the video, but it looks cool.

Prynt already released a printer for the smartphone earlier, but this updated version has become better, thinner and faster, and the gadget is now suitable for all smartphone models.

                  For smartphones have developed a printer with augmented reality










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