Ubisoft tried her hand at the genre hack’n slash, For Honor and turned over close to what was stated – you are constantly fighting with the players in the battles you need to keep an eye on every movement. Another thing, if you have enough time. “Times” published on the battlefield in order to give an answer to this question.

Do not cut wood

Home godsend For Honor – System The Art of Battle ( «Art of battle”), all the significant battles are built on it. We do not take into account of bots, which you can deal with one button. The game has three classes of characters – Knights, Vikings and Samurai. In each of them there are also several subclasses of the warriors, with its own characteristics and the list of punches.

Within the system, there are three areas of impact and protection – left, center and right. Moving into one of these areas weapon, you strike at the enemy from there. At the same opponent as the system works, and therefore, you need to first understand exactly where to hit, so he was not able to block.

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Some of the characters have the opportunity to parry (need to correctly identify the direction and press the attack right at the beginning of hitting the enemy), and others – to block all the tricks (you need to stick to withdraw ago, these characters are usually used for this panel).

Nevertheless, the system is basically the same in each. For example, everyone has a fast but weak and a little slower, but strong strokes.

Despite the interesting decision of how to build a fight, the permanent lock enemies can stop spending combination of punches,

so that sometimes the battle consists of a rather exhausting series of actions “once hit – blocked.” In this case, the best solution is to try to go to the ram, and for a moment to introduce the enemy into a stupor, to strike or to evade the blow to the heart after vlupit him.

Fanning the flames of war

In the For Honor has a scene mode, which consists of three campaigns of all the factions, which include the Knights, Vikings and Samurai. For each of them you will play on six missions with different characters to get to know and learn the techniques of combat techniques.

However, in this mode also explains why these three groups began to quarrel, so much so that the flames of the conflict has been simmering for years.

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The main villain of the story appears Apollyon, the leader of the Legion of the Black Stone. First, it destroys all the jousting association gathering the best soldiers are under its banner, and then trying to figure out just right with the Vikings and Samurai. It was she calling itself the herald of the war will ignite the flames of conflict between the three factions.

Mission does not have time to get bored, because quite varied, and each lasts about 15-20 minutes.

By and large this is where you have the opportunity to try each of the fractions and decide for yourself who you would like to play. But for some reason this is an important choice to do at the very beginning, even before the main menu. Nevertheless, it can be changed later.

Passage of the main plot For Honor takes about 5-6 hours, which is relatively small by today’s gaming standards. Note that in the storyline the developers did not focus – it is only addition to the multiplayer.

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The plot can be held jointly and in a cooperative mode that much more fun than alone.

It’s time to real massacre

All in the game five multiplayer modes. Destruction and Quest are variations of the standard carnage – two teams of four players kill enemies. In the battle for the victory of one of the teams need to score 1000 points, and in the destruction – just kill all the enemies of the opposing team. Capture areas is also quite standard mode – kill enemies, simultaneously capturing control points and collecting points for all this.

There are, however, much more simple, but no less interesting modes. For example, the duel, from which the name is already clear to all conditions. Two players are fighting one on one, and the winner is determined by winning three rounds, almost like in a fighting game.

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For fans of cooperative games can be sorted out in pairs: in Slaughterhouse mode extends the battle between the four players.

Multiplayer battles are conducted in the six maps on which you will have time to go back in the time of the story campaign. All online game is part of a large mode in which each of the three factions fighting among themselves.

All fights are divided into time slices. The rounds last for two weeks, which resulted in changing the situation on the map.

Martial series add up to the season, but their outcome should be the off-season, where all achievements are reset fractions. Then begins a new period, with a clean slate for everyone.

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Yet for all modes and maps, taking into account the system For Honor battlefield can relatively quickly get bored. Yes, every battle is really felt, and together the game was pretty interesting, but in the end

the project is good when measured game, but not regularly.

A similar problem previously struck another unusual multiplayer genre – God of War: Ascension. Interesting ideas and battle system were also not good enough to return regularly to this merciless world of violence.


For Honor – Ubisoft interesting debut in a new genre. The developers decided to give all our efforts on multiplayer, but do not forget about the storyline campaign. Nevertheless, with all the advantages of the system’s own battles with each enemy, with the right choice of factions of religious warriors game still can not be considered ideal.

For Honor, probably quite quickly you get bored, and it is unlikely you will return to it again and again. But this is a great project to spend a couple of evenings with friends. And the long-awaited game for those who miss the brand new slashers.


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