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I think that the acquaintance of many people with graphic editors began precisely with MS Paint. The first version of this legendary application was born with the Windows 1.0 operating system in 1985. Since then, Paint and Windows have become inseparable friends. You probably think that with the help of this simple editor you can not create anything spectacular. But this is not so. For example, the American writer Pat Hines does not know how to use Adobe Photoshop, so I decided to use MS Paint to create illustrations for my novel. True, he had to spend more than 10 years on this work.

Hines works in one of the American hospitals, so during night duty he has a lot of free time to head to the creation of his works or illustrations to them. His first book was called Camp Redblood And The Essential Revenge and is a story about a summer teen camp of the late 80's, whose inhabitants are faced with supernatural creatures such as ghosts and all kinds of monsters. I think that by looking at the illustrations for this novel, you will understand how much work and soul was invested in this work. And still, nothing is impossible. There would be a desire and perseverance.

                  For 10 years, the writer drew illustrations for his novel in Microsoft Paint










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