After 10 years of development, many translations and adaptations almost from scratch a former Final Fantasy Versus XII finally came out, becoming part of the series numbering, not a spin-offom. “Times” to check which turned the game from Square Enix, which have been waiting for fans of the series.

Redesigning the entire game

Few people remember how in 2006, was presented the then Versus XII. Loud announcement of a new half-forgotten project in 2013 meant that the game make a new generation of consoles, and it will become a regular part of the main series. Featured trailer is still one of the strongest impressions from the last E3 trade show.

As a result, at the beginning of active development of the game was only ready characters, the basis of the plot and soundtrack by composer Yoko Shimomura.

In many ways these elements are allowed to say that the game has the potential to be a successful project, a good part of the new Final Fantasy.

Initially, the game was engaged Tetsuya Nomura, and that he worked on thus trailer shown at the Sony conference at the E3, but later it was replaced by Hajime Tabata.

With all the complexities of the development he was forced to make sacrifices for the sake of the release of the project in time. In 2015, it became clear that

the game will cut heavily in the plot, will remove an important character and deprive the players the possibility to participate themselves in the defense of the city and to escape from it.

All this for the passage FFXV constantly prevents perceive it as a fully finished game. After so many years, the final version does not feel like the same project, which we were promised developers.

Fishing and photos

Noktis Prince and his friends – Ignis smart, strong and high Gladio and naughty Promptov – travel the entire game, completing quests to retake control of the kingdom.

Noktis is the only character for whom we play throughout history. Friends will also help us in the battle.

The quartet was one of the most successfully implemented ideas that we saw back in the old trailer of the game. The dialogues between the characters turned out alive, although not without periodic juggling. Each of the characters has its own fascination, which we can bleed.

One of the interesting findings – fishing in Noktisa and photos from the shell prompt. If fishing is already too average, then periodically review new images taken Promptov during the game really interesting. Although not all of the frames will be obtained immediately, a skill will gradually improve, as long as you select them to get the best shots.

Bay – Run

Faster progress in fighting FFXV due to its originally ekshenovoy oriented. So the game and had the subtitle Versus. Battles are fast and sometimes you can get lost in the stream of attacks from each character.

With all the variety of weapons, abilities, and items of some should not expect a complex battlefield.

Unique elements contributes only opportunity Noktisa teleport using weapons.

For example, the first move upstairs to be there right in front of the enemy and inflict a powerful blow.

On four wheels

The game itself begins with the fact that we are pushing his beautiful sports car to the garage. And after the car repaired, most of the game we will spend it on her.

The good FFXV managed to implement this element of the open world. Yes, driving more than “on rails”, and particularly freedom of movement in terms of you just do not have, but the dialogue and music save the situation. Of course, pleasing to the eye and types while traveling.

To navigate through this deserted open world car is badly needed.

With all the beauty of the world of the game, unfortunately, most of the contents of the card – an incredible emptiness.

In the game only two cities and Lestallum Altissiya. However, only the first one is a full-fledged city. Reminiscent of Venice city, with all the beauty Altissiya quite small.

Thus, the majority of journeys take place on the road and on the way we stop at the hotels and petrol stations. And if there was very lively, but it is not: in many ways, and at these points the game is relatively empty. You can chat with the waiters and even the locals, some of them will give you a side job, but there are minor characters, too little.

Compression of the corridor

The game has 15 chapters, and initially open world is an important part of the game, without limiting our movements in many ways. However, towards the beginning of the ninth chapter FFXV almost in a physical sense, it begins to narrow – the game becomes very much dependent on the scene and at the same time cease to be as open as it was before.

It is so visible to the naked eye, it seems that after the first half of the story you play another game, but not in FFXV. The reason for such change is likely that

the project being finished in a hurry and again sacrificed for the sake of the individual elements of the implementation deadline, which was still moved to November.

The finale leaves a sense of understatement, and some storylines just roughly broken off behind the scenes as if they were in the game only to later disappear without any explanation.


A smile of joy on the part of the new Final Fantasy mixed with a sense of slight disappointment. FFXV and there was only a shadow of the project, which the players have dreamed for so many years. Perhaps we will never know what exactly would be the very game that makes it even Nomura.

Yet FFXV turned albeit not perfect, but a good game, and it has advantages and disadvantages. All interesting findings it is possible to find a lot of flaws and shortcomings. But one thing is certain: Final Fantasy XV yield finished the story of yet another protracted gaming industry.


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