Facebook will launch an instant messenger for children

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Security issues on the World Wide Web are related not only to protection against viruses and other malicious programs, but also affect the protection of children from unwanted information. And if the usual sites or videohostingami deal more or less established, then in social networks to keep track of the activity of small users is extremely difficult. The same issue, according to the leaks, Facebook has also asked, which intends to release a special messenger for children. He will not require a Facebook account, but will allow adults to monitor their children and provide the proper level of security.

The publication Engadget about the intention to release a special messenger, whose employees indicate that the new development of Mark Zuckerberg's team will compete with similar products like Snapchat. Most likely, the introduction of such a measure is also due to the fact that, despite the large capacity of the company's servers, they are still not doing very well with the task of removing unwanted content within 24 hours after publication. It's worth noting that not only Facebook, but also Twitter and YouTube suffer from this problem.

The new application, judging by rumors, will be called Talk, will allow full control over the contacts of children and adolescents and is intended for people under the age of 16. Talk allows you to play games, share photos and notes with family and friends. However, it does not require a Facebook account, but adults with the help of a "senior" messenger will be able to control the content that the child can view on the Web. At the moment, the client's release date, as well as other details, remain unknown.

                  Facebook to launch an instant messenger for children










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