Скриншот игры «Tiny Bang Story»

Kaliningrad Colibri Game development team has released the first Russian game for the Apple TV. Prior to that, the Russians presented a puzzle «The Tiny Bang Story», which has become popular among iPhone owners worldwide. Co-founder of Studio Andrew Harutyunyan told “Gazeta.ru” on the set-top box, games for the whole family and Russian developers release the difficulties on the international level.

– Hello, Andrey! To begin with, tell a little about myself and the team.

– The Colibri Games team was initially only two people, I was joined much later. Two people – this is my brother Eduard Harutyunyan, a professional artist, and Dmitri Sannikov, producer, programmer.

They worked together for several years of casual games in Kaliningrad Intenium studio. And in 2010, we decided to do his project, while casual games were at the peak. As a result, during the year they made the game «Tiny Bang Story». And only then I joined, to be responsible for sales, administration and so on.

«Tiny Bang Story» was set up by two people

«Tiny Bang Story» was set up by two people Apple really liked our game, we even wrote a letter from America, saying that everything is beautiful. With the release of Mac Store to us almost immediately gave the main banner. After that, we moved on to the implementation of the iPad-version, because it was already understood that it will revolutionize the mobile game.

just needed to change the management and iPad to solve some other problems, that is, it took some time, as all did one programmer.

– And the game itself is about what?

– It is very beautiful to draw by hand the atmospheric puzzle quest in a unique setting. That is invented from scratch a world with its own history. We even had a book in his time, but now it is no longer being published. The game is simple, you have to find items, collect something, solve puzzles, thus advancing the plot.

Nevertheless, iOS has already sold over 800 thousand copies, and more than 300 thousand copies of the -.. On other platforms (PC, Mac, Linux). On iOS, it has paid off in just the first day. She paid for itself more than 30 times.

– At first, the game was released on PC and Mac, then and now on the iPad’s Apple TV. A plan to release a version for consoles?

– No, this style of game is unlikely among the hardcore audience Xbox and PlayStation.

In the case of Apple TV to a game console went very well. It has a touchpad, which is very convenient to be used for games that involve any mouse, mouse control, search for items or any decisions of problems with it. Therefore, we are very good to see how the game can go to the Apple TV, and implemented.

– Still, the main theme of our pro Apple TV, so let’s talk about the console. How difficult it was to port the game to the Apple TV? And when the app store can be filled with programs?

– Difficulties have arisen no. If there is any version of the game on the iPad or Mac, the any of iOS-device porting will be generally light. That is, it took us about a month. We ordered Apple TV, as soon as they went on sale in Kaliningrad, however, it managed to buy only from the second attempt as the first batch sold out the same day. After that we immediately started to work.

«Tiny Bang Story» - the first Russian game on Apple TV

«Tiny Bang Story» – the first Russian game on Apple TV

The store will inevitably be replenished applications every day, it all depends on the developers, since Apple for its part, has done everything to transfer the program was as simple as possible. Secondly, we understand that the audience for Apple TV should also update their consoles, which will take time.

I do not know the exact numbers, but in conversations and interviews in the media we are talking about what the world expected to be about 27 million copies by the end of the year. That is not such a big figure compared with other consoles, but a completely new platform, a new market.

– That you said aypad made a kind of revolution in terms of mobile gaming. Apple TV is capable of something like that or nevertheless not?

– I never doubted the capabilities of Apple to change the world. They have a marketing and technological capabilities. I myself have Apple TV for about five years. Therefore, as a longtime user of this device, I believe that there is every chance in principle.

– That is, Apple TV can take a niche such utter a family console, where the whole family plays some game unpretentious evening in front of TV?

– Oh sure. It seems to me that it is this audience, young children and the family, it will use the applications and games on Apple TV.

– After adjusting the ruble almost all platforms the game one way or another rose. Again the problem of piracy, because of which the Russians allegedly not prepared to pay for content. What do you think about this?

– People used to buy a very large number of games have tried it. Now, of course, the volume decreased, but still Russia ranks third in Steam, and in the AppStore, it seems, fourth or fifth. It seems to me, are long gone, these conversations. Even the pirates when they like something, go, buy and play the game fully.

– I would like to talk about the state of affairs in Russia associated with the development of games. Can Russian developers have to compete with other countries in terms of quality of the products?

– Firstly, in terms of competitiveness, I think not only our Russian developers, any developers are faced with the fact that, thanks to the availability of platforms and services to create your project much easier.

During the golden age, 2006-2010-s, most indie games coming out in the Steam, sell more copies. This spurred the fact that employees of many companies simply started to carry out their indie development.

Steam GreenLight opened the door for many independent software developers

Steam GreenLight opened the door for many independent software developers But, on the other hand, it has led to the fact that these small developers like us, including, became so much competition even among us has grown to immense size.

The same platform Steam has opened the doors in order to be able to publish on this platform. Apple – this is even more so frantic competitive world, which published five hundred games in the App Store. But in any case, you should do even better game to get noticed.

– It turns out that it does not matter what country a person?

– Previously, the situation was a little different, there was retail, which taxied market. Now retail is a few percent, and running the show international platforms like Steam, Mac Store, AppStore, Play Market and others.

– And finally wanted to know, in Russian developers often try to create their own projects or just trying to get into big companies, as they say, everything ready?

– You know, if I may, I’ll tell you briefly about Kaliningrad. There are about 30 studios, from small to large, that is, three to a hundred people. The teams often happens that someone is working on outsource – a normal practice.

But I will not say that all must move, move, or combined with Western companies.

No, we make the quality of the game is very large number of developers. Do sometimes only on the Russian market, but basically – on the international. And some very well break records, win prizes, come in tops in various countries at various venues.

In Russia, a large number of developers who make good games.

In the world of Russian developers are perceived with great pleasure and very popular. I have not seen much of depressive mood due to the fact that the game is done in Russia. I have seen much depressive mood due to the fact that the market has become complicated.


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