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The founders of Skype three years ago opened a new company Starship Technologies and started developing robotic couriers capable of transporting parcels through the streets at a speed of about six kilometers per hour. These robots are already being tested in different countries of the world, and the other day the Estonian parliament approved the idea of ​​using robotic couriers throughout the country.

In order for everything to be legal, the robot should be no more than one meter in height and not longer than 1.2 meters. The weight of the robot is limited to 50 kilograms, and the body must necessarily be white. It is also necessary that the robot-courier headlights and light reflectors. All these requirements are provided by the robots from Starship Technologies, so very soon such couriers can deliver all over Estonia.

At the end of last year, robots Starship Technologies began testing in different countries. Now they can be found on the streets of 60 cities, but there they are semi-legal and limited in capabilities, although in some cities and countries, robots were allowed to move freely along the streets. In the US states of Virginia and Idaho, for example, legislative amendments were adopted that regulate the movement of robots through the streets, and in San Francisco, where the relevant laws were adopted earlier, on the contrary, they did not appreciate the care of robots about people and want to cancel the amendment authorizing their use .

                  Estonia authorized the use of robot couriers










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