The smartphone, which is almost every pocket, it can be very helpful and help in an emergency. About what kind of information on your smartphone, which applications and services can help in an emergency.

The devices from Apple since iOS 8, and soon also in Android N preinstalled “Health” program. Many people do not pay attention to the application, although it does have a very important point. In addition to the various tabs on the smartphone owner activity in it there is a section called “medical records”.

Yes, this is not the most popular function, even in the US, but in an emergency it is this application can save a life. The fact that it can contribute to diseases, allergies to certain drugs, and the blood group of terminals for connection in the event of accidents.

The most important thing is that all this information can be accessed without unlocking the device. This will help doctors and people who provide first aid. However, due to the low prevalence of service in case of emergency on the smartphone look last.

But in order to provide first aid to the victim, you need to know how to do it. A lot of information about what to do when an emergency situation, the application contains from EMERCOM of Russia “Mobile rescuer» (iOS, Android). To work, it requires only authentication through a mobile phone number.

On the main screen there is a large SOS button, a five-second deduction that can notify the MOE, as well as their friends and relatives that you are in an emergency and you need help. With the passage of manual application resembles that deliberately false call of specialized services shall be sanctioned by an administrative fine.

The next section is the actual information on emergency situations (ES), and in the case of a hazardous area application will notify you and inform you about the recommended actions and points of collection or evacuation. You can customize your own profile, and contacts of the people who will be notified in the case of pressing the SOS button.

The application has access to directories Emergency Situations Ministry and the Interior Ministry in first aid and how to behave in emergency situations.

The application "Mobile rescuer" not only allows you to call the MOE, but also has a great guide to first aid

The application “Mobile rescuer” not only allows you to call the MOE, but also has a great guide to first aid

In addition, by using GPS application may automatically track the location. It is used to when you press the SOS button, rescue service know your location. Also it can be used to find out where the nearest police station, fire department and medical facility.

However, in emergency situations we need not only the applications associated with the provision of first aid. In the event of communication failure may require access to the map to find a particular place without access to the network. One of the best mapping services with offline access is 2GIS (iOS, Android). It acts not only as a map, but also as a guide with information about almost every building in the city.

2GIS provides information about the various organizations (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and web-sites, mode of operation), and can also plot a route.

«Google Maps» got a full offline access to navigation and tips

«Google Maps» got a full offline access to navigation and tips

Recently, a full offline mode and got «Google Maps.” If earlier it was possible to simply download the appropriate area of the map on the smartphone, but now the developers have implemented a navigation and search facilities without access to the network.

In the case of unforeseen situations and can help the social network: Facebook does not just activate the function “Safety Check” in different countries at the time of emergency.

Thus, social network notifications included in the terrorist attacks in Paris, and took advantage of a useful function yesterday in Brussels, where a series of terrorist attacks virtually paralyzed the city.

The “Security Check” is as follows: sends gay people who are in the midst of emergency or nearby, notification to the question of user state. Thus, it is possible with the help of social networks to inform their relatives and friends that the owner of the account is secure or on the contrary, needs help.

Help in emergency conditions may also hashtags: in European countries during the accidents people who want to help the victims, often write in Twitter with accommodation offers, transportation by car. Hashtags tend to contain the word “help” as well as the area where the emergency occurred.

If you hear snatches of information about the problems in the work, for example, transportation or emergency situations in any area, it is also desirable to verify that the users are saying about this social networks.

Naturally, the priority in such cases have the official services and departments, but residents and eyewitnesses often disseminate information much faster.

In such cases, an extra check another valuable source of information can help to avoid undesirable situations, whether it is a serious incident or regular malfunction subway.


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